Gator GP-Drumcart Hardware Caddy


Hardware Caddy

  • Bag for drum hardware
  • Mounted on a steel frame with castors
  • Outer material: 600-Denier nylon
  • 25 mm Steel frame
  • Load-bearing capacity of the castors: approx. 47 kg
  • Additional external accessory pockets
  • Bag detachable from the frame
  • Can be set down in vertical or horizontal position
  • 10 mm Zippers
  • Length: 113.54 cm
  • Width: 48.01 cm
  • Height: 36.07 cm
  • Weight: 8.15 kg
Produkt dostępny od Kwiecień 2011
Numer artykułu 260243
Ranking sprzedaży 1 szt.
Length in cm 113 cm
Width in cm 48 cm
Height in cm 36 cm
Incl. Wheels Yes
Color Black
118 € 554,24 zł
Zawiera podatek VAT, nie zawiera kosztów wysyłki 9,90 €
Cena w zł podana jest w celach orientacyjnych
Dostępny za 3-4 tygodnie
Dostępny za 3-4 tygodnie

Produkt będzie za niedługo dostępny i natychmiastowo gotowy do wysyłk.

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After years of use, I like this hardware bag, but it could be better
Danieljfern 03.06.2020
The bag is huge and for the, most part, hard-wearing. Softer and larger wheels make it easier to pull, but a thin axel width and high centre of gravity means it's often falling over on Bumpy ground (such as festivals or other outdoor gig venues)

one of the side pockets has totally fallen off the bag, along with one of the handles but the rest of the bag seems totally unscathed (perhaps the stitching's not the best)

IThe bag would benefit from a quick release system so that you can remove it from the frame for more convenient storage and more portability options.

Also sometimes it's difficult to get Hardware in or out of the bag without removing everything else.

Otherwise, it's better than the usual hardware boxes and is still more convenient to use day to day.
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Gator Drum Caddy
John.G.OConnor 06.02.2014
I recieved this product very quickly and it arrived fully assembled. I think it will prove very useful gigging as before this I have humped three bags of gear, one huge rockbag from Warwick which is far too long to be useful and a great warwick professional stick bag which I used to carry booms and clamps.
I have now placed all my stands incl hi hat and clamps./boom arms/tambourines/shakers/cloths/spares into this. The weight is considerable but it has not toppled over as I tried different loading scenarios. My next gig will test its usefulness. The two drawbacks
1. The flap on top doesnt stay open whilst you rummage for items.
2. There is no dedicated place to store the drum pedal and drum throne padded seat which I stuff on top of the boom stands.
All in all a very good purchase. lifting it in and out of my car will be the next big test!

After a good few gigs I must admit now to having ordered a millenium touring trolley to supplement gigs as it is way too heavy when loaded with

2 heavy booms with 4 clamps
1 light cymbal stand
bass drum and floor tom legs
cowbell and tambourine
drum throne
hi hat stand
drum pedal (was never really suited to this bag to be honest)
snare stand

I still rate the caddy very highly but if you load and unload it by yourself into a regular car it can be a really heavy piece of kit. I hate adding more gear but two wheeled hardware items still not too bad!!! Its fitting the 6 drum cases into the car aswell is the problem.....! : )
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Good Idea - Poor Execution
S - j - G 20.05.2021
Ich spiele viel live, und nicht immer wo man mit einem Auto parken kann.
Die Drumcart ist solide gebaut, gut organisiert & es passt viel hinein.
Ich mag Produkte von Gator,
weil sie robust sikd und meine Ausrüstung zuverlässig und langlebig schützen
Alles super, oder? Nein!
Dieses Produkt versagt, ja VERSAGT,
sobald die kleinst Treppe es wagt sich in den aweg zu stellen.
Auf Grund einer MASSIVEN Fehlkonstruktion, bleibt das ding an allem hängen,
was höher ist als der halbe Radius der Rolle und nicht Rampe heißt,
da die beiden Streben, die sich zu den rollen herunterschwingen,
hartnäckig auf Grund laufen, selbst wenn das ding senkrecht steht.
Ja, selbst dann, schleift das Ding eklatant.
Zwei einfache Lösungen, Streben konkav zu den Rollen führen,
oder, wenn schon konvex, dann zwei Treppengleiter an den Streben befestigem.
Das wird seit Jahren von Herstellern von Sakkarren kapiert & implimentiert.
Mangelnde ausführung und das fehlen von zwei 1€ kunststoff Treppengleitern,
machen dieses Produkt, für mich, zu einem epischen Versager.
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Good First Impression: Time Will Tell.
Anonimowy 08.05.2016
The Drumcart I have now is the second, the first having been damaged in transit and replaced pretty quickly by Thomann. You do, however have to jump through a few hoops in the process (taking photos, sending reports etc).

Anyway, on to the thing itself. In the main compartment I have: hi-hat stand (unsplit, footplate folded) three boom cymbal stands (one with clamp arm attached), snare stand, standard size round stool seat and a boom microphone stand. That's pretty much at full capacity, so if you've more stands than that, you may struggle to fit them all in.

Side pockets take floor-tom legs, two Pearl tom arms ("long" version) and seat base. At the moment, I have no use for the front or top pockets, as little bits of stuff go in another case that contains snare drum and bass drum pedal.

Loading/unloading with it standing up does help the old back as a previous reviewer mentioned. The main zip is only about two-thirds of the length but this doesn't seem to present a problem.

Quality-wise this appears good rather than bullet-proof: time will tell on this, but I'm not the busiest of players so I reckon this will see me out!

All in all, seems a good buy for the amateur/semi-pro drummer who has to take care of his/her own kit.
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