Fun Generation BP 108 A


Battery-Powered Active 2-Way Speaker

  • Drivers: 1x 8" speaker and 1x 1" compression driver
  • Power: 60 W peak
  • Frequency range 75 -18.000 Hz
  • 2-Band equaliser
  • Integrated media player with display
  • SD card slot
  • Playback formats: MP3, WAV
  • USB connection
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • Connections: 2 Unbalanced jack inputs and 1 RCA aux input
  • Sturdy plastic housing with stand flange and carrying handles
  • Lead-acid battery with quick-charge function and a running time of up to 5 hours
  • Battery capacity: 12 V / 2600 mAh
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 245 x 390 x 195 mm
  • Weight: 4.6 kg
  • Includes 15 V DC 1A power supply unit
  • Suitable protective cover: Article no. 407135 (not included)
  • Suitable spare batteries: Article no. 502694 (not included) and Article no. 448724 (not included)
Produkt dostępny od Styczeń 2020
Numer artykułu 471746
Ranking sprzedaży 1 szt.
Width 245 mm
Depth 195 mm
Height 390 mm
Weight 4,6 kg
Type Standard
Woofer size 8
Number of woofers 1
Ways 2-Way
Power (manufacturers info) 60 W
Monitor slope Yes
Inputs 4
Mic Preamp 2
EQ per Channel No
Bluetooth Play Yes
USB Player Yes
Low Cut No
Fan No
Housing Plastic
Color Black
larghezza 245 mm
profondità 195 mm
Altezza 390 mm
Woofer Size in Inch 8"
Peso 4,6 kg
HT Driver in Inch 1
Woofer in Inch 8"
Number of Woofers 1
Power (Manufacturers specification) 60 W
Number of Tweeters 1
Midtone Driver in Inch none
Sound Pressure in dB 109 dB
Potenza RMS 15 W
Freqency min. 75 Hz
Power (Manufacturers Specification) 60 W
Number of Mids 0
Frequency max. 18 kHz
Accumulatore 1
parallel Inputs 3
Power in RMS 15 W
Master EQ 1
IR/WiFi/Bluetooth Remote No
SPL in dB 109 dB
Wireless Mic (Handheld/Head) No
SD Card Player 1
Frequency range (-3dB) from 75 Hz
Cover 407135
Frequency range (-3dB) to 18000 Hz
Summary EQ 1
Pole Socket 35 mm
Flyable No
Stand flange mount 35 mm
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362 zł
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Dostępny w magazynie

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Wysyłka spodziewana do dnia Sobota, 3.06.
Jakość to cena.
Gammer 12.12.2020
Do użytku domowego i małych ulic. Od początku użytkowania dźwięk jest trochę głuchy, ale z czasem poprawia się, słychać bardziej przeciętne częstotliwości. Wszystkie funkcje działają bez problemów. Bateria wystarcza na dokładnie ponad 5 godzin. Obudowa jest dość mocna, wszystkie złącza i regulatory nie wyglądają na zbyt solidne, ale spełniają swoje funkcje. Wniosek - jakość równa się cenie.
Для домашнього користування та невеликих вуличних локацій. З початку використання звук трохи глухий, але з часом покращується, більше чути середні частоти. Всі функції працюють без проблем. Батарея тримає точно більше 5 год. Корпус досить міцний, всі роз'єми та регулятори не виглядають надто надійними, але свої функції виконують. Висновок - якість дорівнює ціні.
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Peter R. 438 21.01.2023
Looking for an MP3 player in my "den", I saw this. An MP3 player alone can easily cost €100, but this BP 108 A is "all in one" MP3, amplifier, speaker and mixing desk, plus, it's also battery or mains, a great package for €70.
At full volume, its not gonna shake your house, but at sensible listening volume it's quite a pleasant sounding machine and not too big as to block a small room and light as a feather.
Mine is on a 35m wall bracket so I can spin round to make adjustments to the sound or change the SD card.
I tried the mic & guitar together, found some pleasant sound settings for a solo performance, but won't be using it for that, as 15w rms is not enough "punch" for my few live venues.
After a few re'charges, the battery gets its feet and lasts much longer than the first charge. Mine stays on most days as back ground music in my house.
No strange noises or problems yet, in fact I cannot find a fault or problem with this little beauty.
For this price, it's a beauty.
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Worth it
BassTrB MT 21.10.2021
I wanted a small speaker to aid me during studying. I use it to play backings, drones and metronome. Battery adds flexibility to it as there is no need to worry where to plug it. Volume is very good for what I need, never went more than a quarter of the knob
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Almost perfect
Timbot 22.02.2023
I have purchased two of these over the years.

To be honest. For the price it is simply unbeaten. I have used them all through the pandemic to dj on the streets and it is louder than speakers 5x the price.

My main issue now is after the second one has broken. I simply cannot bring myself to purchase a 3rd.

On both speakers. Components have burnt out. I believe due to the fact there is no internal fuse to protect from overcharging.

Tried moving parts from first speaker to second now and just got more smoke.

The speakers functionality is amazingly handy between bluetooth and mic inputs and usb for when the phone dies, the delay is also very usable.

Other improvements i would make would be to have a lineout so these speakers can be tethered, i know the larger models have this, but the bpo8 is really the perfect size and weight to carry in a backback and cycle around with. Larger models for the sake of linking would he cumbersome.
If this could be achieved via rca connection,
I would find that very handy to double as a record out function.

It would also be nice to have seperate volume controls for the 2 mic inputs but not totally neccesary.

The usb function is very hard to figure out. Often it will just play the least played tracks from a usb. So any instructions on how to order a folder to play in the desired order would be welcomed highly.

Also in case of usb, one should be very wary as not to snap off the usb port from carrying an extruding dongle. Low profile seamless usb sticks are ideal for this application.
If the usb could also record all inputs straight to a wav file. That would probably be more useful that having a usb player but would really want to be able to still use the rca input or bluetooth to be considered in the master recording.

Last but not least… i refuse to believe that it would not be possible to change the drive for one that can produce lower frequencies even down to 50/60hz would be a great gain. I understand this may affect battery life as the bass getting muddy is the first sign that juice is running low. With this improvement. The speaker could even be taken seriously as a studio monitor.
If even there was a sub version in the speaker size on offer for portability that be be linked, i could see this as a huge disruptor of this market.

I was really looking forward to trying the larger speakers in this family and unfortunately find it unwise to invest in the same tortures as of now.
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