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Dunlop Primetone Standard Grip 0,88



  • Hand polished edges for articulated play
  • Ultex
  • Gauge: 0.88 mm
  • Made in USA
  • Quantity: 3 pieces
Thickness 0,88
Delivery Quantity 3
Numer artykułu 374009
10,30 € 47,10 zł
Zawiera podatek VAT, nie zawiera kosztów wysyłki 15 €
Cena w zł podana jest w celach orientacyjnych
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Artykuł dostępny w magazynie

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I love the Dunlop Primetone plectrums!
Gregg Hermetech 08.07.2018
I started with Primetone Standard 0,73 and used it as my only pick for nearly a year. Then I moved up to the 0,88 and am now using the 1,00. I also have a 1,50 on order. As I progress as a guitarist I find I am liking thicker and thicker picks.

I use them mainly with an OM size acoustic, strung with 12s or 13s, but also with electric.

The thing I like most about these is their overall sound and feel, they are less "clicky" on the strings than the the standard Dunlop Tortex picks, and feel very organic. They also have a grippy print which makes them stay put in your hands even with heavy strumming. If you need them more grippy you can score them with a knife or drill/bore holes in them (I did this at first but found I don't need to any more, perhaps my technique has improved).

I also love the way they are extremely versatile. Depending on how hard you hit the strings to change the sound is a technique you can use with any pick, but with these even the angle you hold it can change the sound a lot, and you can get a very mellow sound if you tilt the pick slightly on its side.

The only drawback would be their price, but even a single 0,73 (the thinnest they make in this style) lasted me nearly a year with a lot of playing (an average of three hours a days I would say), and the only reason I changed it was to try the next thicker one. The hand bevelled edges are great and it really feels like they never wear down.

I tried a LOT of picks over the last few years, and TBH these are the Holy Grail for me.
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