Doepfer A-112

Sampler / Wavetable module

The A-112 Module is a combined module of a voltage-controlled 8-bit sampler and a wavetable oscillator. Moreover, it is able to produce effects. It is available as a supplemental sound generator module for the A-100 with the characteristic sound characteristics of the early 8.Bit samplers and cannot be compared with commercially available MIDI samplers!

"Sampling mode: "

8-Bit audio resolution , 128 kB memory in 2 banks (S1, S2) of 64KB each (this corresponds to 2 seconds sampling time at 32 kHz sampling frequency), audio input with attenuator, overdrive display in recording mode (gate LED) Dump capability to archive sounds, non-volatile memory for the samples in the module, manual tune control to adjust the sampling rate during recording and playback, the CV input (1V / octave), along with the tune control The sampling rate or pitch (pitch 5 octaves corresponding to 0 ... 5V, pitch resolution 1/4 semitone), gate input (no pure trigger, but the sample is started at the positive edge and runs until the Gate input becomes "high" or the end of the sample is reached), manual gate button, unfiltered audio output (ie, quantisation sounds can be used for sound generation).

Wavetable mode:

A special form of sampling mode, with the audio input acting as a control input for the sample which is stored in one of two banks (S1, S2) with 64 kbyte of memory each. In wavetable mode each bank is arranged as 256 pages of 256 bytes. The wavetables are loaded in the sampling memory (normally loaded via MIDI dump), thus making a wavetable oscillator, in which different waveforms (with different harmonic content) are traversed by CV2. With this mode of operation, however, a "normal" sample can "pass through", which sometimes results in quite astonishing sounds (interesting for the "passing through" speech, where the language spins very extreme sound structures).


In addition, the module offers - as a free "extra" so to speak - some effects such as delay, reverse delay, pitch shifter and freeze. It should be stressed, however, that these effects can not be compared with the result of high-quality effectors due to the 8-bit resolution and should only be understood as a free-of-charge addition for bizarre sounds.

  • Combined module of voltage-controlled 8-bit sampler and wavetable oscillator
  • Width: 10 HP / 50.5 mm
  • Depth: 100 mm (measured from the back of the front panel)
  • Power Requirements: 50mA (12V) / -20mA (-12V)

Dalsze informacje

Analog No
Digital Yes
Width 10 TE / HP
variants Doepfer
9 Oceny klientów:
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
4.1 / 5.0
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Wavetable/sample oscillator
Jonathan64, 13.07.2013
This module takes modular synths outside the analogue realm, since it is completely 8-bit digital in nature. Don't expect the same quality as the modern soft samplers (which can be 16, 24 or 32 bit), but that is not the point. The gritty sounds you get from this module are perfect for many electronic genres, and the ability to play samples inside a modular synth, and process the results through analogue filters, or play them with a sequencer, brings a whole refreshing new dimension to your music. Get one (or even two maybe - I knew a man who had four!)
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Doepfer A-112
Doepfer A-112

Sampler / Wavetable module The A-112 Module is a combined module of a voltage-controlled 8-bit sampler and a wavetable oscillator. Moreover, it is able to produce effects. It is available as a...

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