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DiMarzio DP163 Bluesbucker BK

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  • Blues Neck
  • RnR Middle
  • Rock Bridge
  • Mniej

Bluesbucker Pickup

  • Designed like a standard humbucker
  • Sounds like a P90 but without connection problems
  • Colour: Black
Active No
Wiring 4-Conductor
Output Medium
Kappe No
Colour Black
Position Bridge, Neck
Numer artykułu 179345
77 € 353,10 zł
Zawiera podatek VAT, nie zawiera kosztów wysyłki 15 €
Cena w zł podana jest w celach orientacyjnych
Dostępny za 1-2 tygodnie
Dostępny za 1-2 tygodnie

Produkt będzie za niedługo dostępny i natychmiastowo gotowy do wysyłk.

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Humbucker with sinclecoil qualities for dynamic playing
julius__ 20.04.2020
I bought this pickup for my old Tom Delonge Squier Strat that came with an SD Invader in bridge postion (and only that). In the last 16 years the music I play changed profoundly and the high gain pickup didn't do it anymore, instead I needed something that support a more dynamic playing, something with more brilliance and where you can always hear the single strings. So the idea was basically to create a Strat Junior, similar to what you get in SG or LP format.
Since I don't own a guitar with a P90, I can't tell how well the Bluesbucker imitates one but I can state that my guitar feels so much more alive with it. Warm sounding when played softly but cutting through when I put some effort in it. It never get muddy, even when the amp starts to distort you still can hear single notes.
I can recommend this pickup for everyone who feels their humbuckers are too flat or they need something more in the direction of a singlecoil.

The pickup comes with screws, springs and instructions, the wiring is excellent, as is the waxing.

Packaging arrived in a timely fashion, even in these challenging times, thanks to the Thomann team!
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google translate gb
Wystąpił błąd. Proszę spróbować później.
Great pickup exactly what I was looking for.
Brucie 20.07.2019
I was looking to replace a humbucker in my neck position as I don't like the sound. I wanted a single coil, p90 vibe. I would say this is a little hotter than those, but it has a great warm tone. Very happy
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