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Digitech DOD Boneshaker

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar

  • Distortion
  • Ideal for instruments with low tuning such as bass, down-tuned electric guitars, 7/8-string guitars and baritone guitars
  • Versatile, parametric 3-band equaliser for maximum flexibility in sound adjustment
  • Select frequencies to be processed for the bass, midrange and treble range and raise or lower accordingly
  • Circuit design by the legendary Black Arts Toneworks pedal guru Mark Wentz
  • Controls for Distortion, Depth, and Effect Level
  • Special boutique artwork
  • True bypass
  • Blue status LED
  • Metal housing
  • Input: 6.3 mm mono jack
  • Output: 6.3 mm mono jack
  • Power supply: 9 V battery or separately available 9V DC power adapter with 2.1 mm hollow plug, polarity: (-) inside (e.g. article nr 108096 - not included)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.88 x 6.68 x 5.71 cm
  • Weight: 450 g
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próbki dzwiękowe

  • Bariton On/Off
  • Bass On/Off
  • Stoner On/Off

Dalsze informacje

Overdrive No
Distortion Yes
Fuzz No
Metal No
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If you like extreme Metal/Djent you will love this

At first i was a little underwhelmed, that was until i stopped messing around with my head phone amp and played this through a cranked half stack (Jet City 50h thru 4x12 marshall compact cab)...wow!!!!

at the hi gain end this pedal combines the thickness and brutality of a 5150 style distortion with a fat thick vintage fuzz element, i have been looking for this sound actually for about 20 years, i have bought at least 4/5 pedals in the past hoping to achieve this sound, none have come close, this though has smashed it.
Im not gonna bother talking about low gain, if you are buying this for low gain???? it does it..but its like buying a ferrari for a rally race, or a JCB to dig out a flower bed, there are other things out there that are much better for low gain, but i have found nothing on par , pedal wise for high gain

I have a JCM 800, a 5150 block letter head, and a Jet City JCA 50, so thats some serious gain tones to compete with, and it matches all 3 amps, in terms of quality of tone, but is different to all 3 so gives me a genuine whole other texture/sound to use, and this will get used ....a lot

EQ: this takes some adjustment, i recommend tweaking your clean/semi driven sound on the amp eq to benefit your clean/semi driven tones, then use the pedal eq to hone in the "brutal" full on tones of this pedal. If you dont spend time with the eq it will sound a mess, but the effort is well worth it, after 5mins fiddling i have now found an epic extreme metal sound and i use a telecaster with single coils, and it sound earth crushing through this thing

Im Currently running my crunch/clean channel with a small amount of break up (gain at 11 o'clock), maxed treble and bass with mids to about 3 o'clock on the amp, the pedal at max gain and depth, bass at max with para at 9 o'clock, mid at 2 o'clock, para at 3 o'clock, treb at 10 o'clock para at 3 o'clock, and i get a full rich thick distortion/fuzz that sounds very brutal yet vintage at the same time , has enough definition that is not mushy but still fat and big, love it)

warning, un "tweaked" this pedal is quite trebly, i imagine many will be cutting rather than adding treb

Sound: very gravelly, brutal perfect blend of hi gain dist/overdrive and fuzz
Stacks well, i have used an EHX OD glove (ocd clone) to give a dirty boost before and after pedal, and a TC electronic Mojomojo, in both set ups, both sound great.

Quality: very well built cant fault the quality

Thomann: Service was amazing ordered on thursday afternoon received monday morn (uk), tracked at all points, thanks Thomann, thats the second order i have made, great service both times, you have earned more of my custom

Note: just a little warning past 3 oclock, gain gets noisy, i dont mind that, but some may need a noise gate with this, or with humbuckers you would not need gain past 7-9 oclock anyway (i have a Dean Vendetta as well and it also sounded great through it)

Best drive pedal i have owned, ever (here are some i have owned recently and in the past, Boss Hyper Fuzz, Super overdrive, DOD grunge, EHX Metal muff, Big muff Pi 2 (original), od glove, TC elec Mojomojo/dark matter this beats all of them)
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