dB Technologies ES602


Complete PA Set

  • Can be used individually as a compact mono system or in combination of two es602 as a more powerful stereo system
  • Includes 1 height-adjustable spacer bar and 2 m speaker twist cable

es602 Subwoofer:

  • 10" Bass reflex subwoofer
  • Digital Bi-Amping amplifier with 800 W
  • 24-Bit DSP including 8 presets
  • Dual Active Limiter
  • XLR / jack combo input for mic / line signals
  • XLR parallel output
  • RCA-RCA stereo input
  • Speaker twist output for es602 Top
  • Dimensions: 300 x 400 x 430 mm
  • Weight: 14.2 kg
  • Suitable bags: Article no. 381995 (sub) or article no. 448237 (Thomann cover set) - all not included

es602 Top:

  • 4x 3" Mid-high unit
  • Speaker twist connector
  • Dimensions: 95 x 360 x 137 mm
  • Weight: 1.9 kg
  • Suitable bag: Article no. 373942 (not included)
Produkt dostępny od Listopad 2015
Numer artykułu 374084
Ranking sprzedaży 1 szt.
more than 150 people Yes
more than 300 people No
Incl. Mixer No
Incl. Subwoofer Yes
Active Speaker Yes
Line Array / Column Yes
Width 300 mm
Depht 430 mm
Weight 16,1 kg
Sub Woofer 1x10
Speakers (Row) 4x3
Power (Manufacturer Info) 800 W
Inputs simultanly 2
Mic Preamps 1
Line Out XLR
Color Black
Cover 448237
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Bzynek 09.09.2019
Nie spodziewałem się, że może spełniać tyle cennych funkcji podczas grania na żywo! Właśnie zamówiłem drugi zestaw.
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Tomek D4 05.09.2019
Fajne brzmienie chociaż na pierwszy "rzut oka" wydaje się cichy to 10 metrów od niego na 70% mocy nie porozmawiasz z nikim nawet krzycząc. Dioda limitera miga zbyt często i czuć, że jest jeszcze zapas mocy, a to trochę irytuje. Bardzo łatwo i szybko się rozstawia i konfiguruje.
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Flexible Friends
Neil P. 26.04.2018
I have four ES602 but mostly use one for small gatherings. I need a quick and easy set up and this does fulfill that need on the whole. I have a Mackie ProDX4 mixer that I use with this so I can quite easily set it up discreetly in a corner or behind some unit or other with the speaker only showing and control it wirelessly. On the whole I really like it. There are pro's and cons of course but it's mostly all positive. The overall power is ok. The rating is 118db if I recall so definetly not super loud but in general it is enough for the style of music I do (Jazz and Swing). I used all four in a medium sized room with my brothers group very recently. Four mics and backing tracks and there was just about enough volume. Four vocalists belting did sap all the power but it was just about enough. Feedback with the ES602 is like with most systems something you have to watch out for. The ES602 is nowhere near as feedback resistant as the LD Maui 5 for instance (which I also have and is a very close competitor in reality) so do bear that in mind. The quasi line array doesn't give you any real benefits in that respect but the dispersion seems very good and the spread of sound is excellent. Bass is surprising especially when close coupled and might actually have to be dialled back in some cases. Again in comparison to the Maui 5 it is much tighter and defined and goes a little deeper. Using four for DJ purposes again in a medium room they are just about up to the task. The clip light will blink at you fairly soon and I don't tend to mess around with the different settings at the back when driving it hard instead I use the eq on the mixer. The highs are a little muted and the midrange a trifle arid and hard. A little boost on the highs and dialling back the midrange quickly gives you an ideal balance. It's a well engineered system but could do with some thumbscrews at the back of the speakers to stop them swivelling on the stands. Also getting the speakons out of the speakers is pretty difficult. On the whole you would be best off just leaving the speaker cables attached. They don't take up much room in a bag so it really is the best solution. I got them at a bargain price like some others on here hence me buying four. I figured it would cost me that price for a small sub so why not dive right in and take a modular approach to sound? They bass part of the ES602 only weighs 14kg so a one handed carry in is quite easy unless you are a slight female or maybe have a bad back (if you are a regular 'bloke' and can't do it.........get your arse to the gym!). It looks good, sounds good and is capable of doing justice to most kinds of music. If you get it at a Thomann discount price with the level of service they give there really isn't anything to ponder just go for it!
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Exceeded my expections
Anonimowy 11.11.2016
If your thinking of buying a compact system and are hovering over the BUY button then just click it, honestly you won't regret it!!

Now don't get wrong it's still a case of horse's for courses, if your (let's just say) a mobile Dj and you do many different venues of various sizes (again lets just say) upto 300 people with this being your only/main P.A, then obviously this system isn't for you and you may want to look at spending 4x the price of these for the FBT Vertus CS1000.
But if like me you have a residency or regularly do smaller venues then this system up to about 100 peopleis the mutts nuts.

I own Yamaha dxr 10's, 15's and subs and brought these as an alternative to the 10's

Last night I was in one of my regular venues a decent sized pub playing a massive variety of music from the 60's through to garage including reggae and rock too, these handled it immensely, infact I drove these harder and louder than I would usually do in that venue just to see what they had in them and still didn't see a red light lol although I did peak them with my mic (it'll take a couple of outings and some tweaking to get my mic how i like it to sound).
But even some of the regulars in there comment about how much nicer these sounded compare to my usual system (usually I use a pair of Yamaha dxr 10's with 30% more output and a higher spl, 131 compared 118 on these)

Yes there's many of these line array systems on the market now but I challenge anyone to find me a system that comes anywhere near the quality of this without at least doubling their budget

Bite the bullet, honestly you wont be disappointed
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