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Clearsonic A1224x3 (A2-3) Amp Shield


Transparent 3-Segment Panel for Live and Studio Applications

  • Noise and sound shielding for amplifiers or instruments
  • Easy handling by folding in "accordion-style"
  • Made of high-quality, laser-cut acrylic
  • Consists of 3 panels with connectors (hinges)
  • Each panel is 6.35 mm thick, 610 mm high, and 305 mm wide
  • Indispensable for volume control on stage and in the studio and clean mix
  • This size is well suited for shielding combo amplifiers
Type Absorber Wall
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99 € 453,99 zł
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Artykuł dostępny w magazynie

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Essential for gigs and recording
DavidC51 14.05.2019
I have long been a user of various speaker beam blockers. Having spent years playing live and finding my guitar really loud and shrill in front of the cabinet and then moving a few feet and finding I can no longer hear it all I made a plexiglass panel to stand in front of mt combo. It worked well but was always falling over or getting its stand broken. At this point I decided to go down the Clearsonic route. I went for the 3 panel design as I only use smaller combos now as 4 x 12's are too big and heavy for me to move around. The Clearsonic seems well put together and does the job perfectly. It was more expensive than my home made panel (but not by much!) and folds down nicely and seems to stand up fairly well. I'm hoping the hinges will soften up with use as bending them to make a 'U' shape they do feel a bit stiff. Overall I'm well pleased with the purchase and I'm trying to convince our drummer to buy a shield for his drums!
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