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Valeton Dapper Mini 4 Effect Strip
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ST-Junior BK Standard Series Harley Benton
Harley Benton ST-Junior BK Standard Series
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Pozostałe Efekty Gitarowe
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Boss LS-2
Boss LS-2
Boss LS-2 Line Selector (Floor-Unit), the easy way to switch settings among several effects or amplifiers, or route input and output signals, when used with an AC adaptor, the LS-2 can supply power to several BOSS compact pedals., power supply optional: Thomann NT AC/PSA Power...
108 €
466,50 zł
Duesenberg Green Comp II
Duesenberg Green Comp II
Duesenberg Green CompII, compressor effect pedal, sustain controls the tone lenght, attack for compression hard-soft, level for output volume, true bypass,epoxy PCB-Board, power by 9V battery (included or 9V power supply (optional # 108096), made in germany
213 €
920,04 zł
Red Panda Bitmap
Red Panda Bitmap
Red Panda Bitmap, Digitaler Bitcrusher, fractional bit reduction & sample-rate modulation, controls: mix, crush/rate, freq, level, two 3-way toggle switches for crush/mode and waveform/signal strength selection, on/off footswitch, 24 bit A/D und D/A converter, true bypass switching, in/output: 6.3 mm jacks, mounted topside, expression pedal...
275 €
1 187,84 zł
Electro Harmonix Black Finger
Electro Harmonix Black Finger
High-quality Tube Compressor
  • With a so-called optoisolator photocell circuit which is normally only found in expensive studio compressors
  • Internal 300 V voltage as a prerequisite for a warm, fat tube sound
  • Effects pedal for guitars and basses
222 €
958,91 zł
Tascam CD-GT 2
Tascam CD-GT 2
Portable CD Guitar Trainer
  • Playback of CD-DA, CD-R and CD-RW
  • Anti-shock memory (10 seconds)
  • Displaying CD text (name of the album and individual tracks)
128 €
552,89 zł
TC Electronic Viscous Vibe
TC Electronic Viscous Vibe
Electric Guitar Effect Pedal
  • 1: 1 Reconstruction of the legendary Shin-Ei Uni-Vibe
  • Toneprint compatable
  • Stereo input and output
124 €
535,61 zł
Boss RC-300 Loop Station Bundle
Boss RC-300 Loop Station Bundle
525 €
2 267,70 zł
Electro Harmonix Cock Fight
Electro Harmonix Cock Fight
Effects pedal for electric guitar
  • Auto-wah
  • Cocked wah- and cocked talking pedal sounds
  • Adjustable fuzz
124 €
535,61 zł
Electro Harmonix 8-Step Programm
Electro Harmonix 8-Step Programm
Sequencer Pedal
  • Sequence length selectable from 1 to 8
  • 4 Modes: Forward, Reverse, Bounce and Random
  • Tap Tempo footswitch
157 €
678,15 zł
Boss AC-3
Boss AC-3
Acoustic Simulator
  • Roland Acoustic Guitar Modeling of VG-88 and AD-8 for the first time in a compact pedal
  • Four simulation modes: Standard, Jumbo, Enhanced, and Piezo-Equipped
  • Top and Body knobs for fine adjustment of the modeled body resonances
133 €
574,48 zł
Harley Benton Micro Stomp Pipe Bomb
Harley Benton Micro Stomp Pipe Bomb
Pedal Effect for Electric Guitar and Bass
  • Classic compressor pedal with dynamic and transparent sound
  • True bypass
  • Rugged metal housing
29 €
125,26 zł
Electro Harmonix Microsynth
Electro Harmonix Microsynth
Guitar Mono Synthesizer
  • Vintage analog sounds (Moog-like)
  • Octave Up, Sub Octave, Square Wave
  • Resonant filter section
311 €
1 343,34 zł
MXR Micro Amp M133
MXR Micro Amp M133
MXR Micro Amp M133 pedal preamp, adjustable boost, can adjust the different output of two guitars, helps against losing signal with long cables, control for gain, status-LED, hardwire bypass, solid metal enclosure, to use with optional 9V battery or optional power supply (# 108096), Made...
111 €
479,46 zł
Hughes&Kettner Redbox 5
Hughes&Kettner Redbox 5
DI Box
  • Industry standard for microphone free amp acceptance
  • Integrated box simulation
  • Three independently selectable filters for the sound adjustment of a 4x 12-cab simulation: Loose / Tight (response)
104 €
449,22 zł
Way Huge WHE101 Angry Troll Linear Boos
Way Huge WHE101 Angry Troll Linear Boos
Effect Pedal
  • Angry Troll Linear Booster
  • Controls for volume and anger
  • Power supply 9V DC power adapter (not included)
98 €
423,30 zł
Valeton Wave Shaker Vintage Tremolo
Valeton Wave Shaker Vintage Tremolo
Valeton Wave Shaker Vintage Tremolo, Coral series effect pedal for electric guitar & bass, 100% analog signal, true bypass, controls: volume, speed, depth, bias, on/off switch with status LED, jack input & output, power consumption 10mA, requires 9V power supply (not included, optional #108096), dimensions...
38 €
164,14 zł
Digitech Pitch Shifter Whammy Ricochet
Digitech Pitch Shifter Whammy Ricochet
Effect Pedal
  • Digitech Whammy Pitch Shifting in compact format
  • Original Whammy sounds without expression pedal
  • Pitching in a range of up to 2 octaves up or down
147 €
634,95 zł
Valeton FP-10 Analog FET Preamp/Boost
Valeton FP-10 Analog FET Preamp/Boost
Valeton FP-10 Analog FET Preamp/Boost, Loft series effect pedal for electric guitar & bass, based on the legendary Boss FA-1 Fet Amplifier, FET transistor preamp with up to 26db clean boost, 100% analog signal patch, real buffer bypass, solid zinc-alloy chassis, volumel control: adjust the...
58 €
250,53 zł
Electro Harmonix Ravish Sitar
Electro Harmonix Ravish Sitar
Effects pedal
  • Sitar emulator
  • Polyphonic lead sitar voice
  • 9 Presets
260 €
1 123,05 zł
Fulltone Supa-Trem2 Stereo
Fulltone Supa-Trem2 Stereo
Fulltone Supa-Trem2 Stereo, electric guitar effect, tremolo/auto-panner, stereo, controls for Volume, Mix, Rate and Phase Correlation, minitoggle for Square, Sine and Warble, tap tempo, status LED, 2x jack input, 2x jack output, 9V DC power supply is required (power supply not included), handmade in USA
292 €
1 261,27 zł
JHS Pedals Pulp'n Peel V4
JHS Pedals Pulp'n Peel V4
JHS Pedals Pulp'n Peel V4, effects pedal, compressor, natural vintage-style compression without sacrificing your tone, controls: Volume, Comp, EQ & Blend, "Dirt" switch, current draw: 100mA, powered by a 9V DC power supply (barrel type connector - centre negative, not included, Item No. #108096), dimensions:...
247 €
1 066,90 zł
MXR M 222 Talkbox
MXR M 222 Talkbox
Talk Box
  • Suitable for guitars and keyboards
  • Offers the unique possibility to shape the sound with the mouth
  • Independent amplifier and loudspeaker - no separate amplifier is required
215 €
928,68 zł
Rocktron Banshee Talkbox
Rocktron Banshee Talkbox
Effects unit
  • Road-ready metal housing
  • With integrated preamp and power amp
  • Driver by Electro-Voice
231 €
997,79 zł
Electro Harmonix Super Pulsar
Electro Harmonix Super Pulsar
Electric Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Analog tremolo
  • Stereo in/out
  • Mono in/stereo out
260 €
1 123,05 zł
Emma DiscumBOBulator V2
Emma DiscumBOBulator V2
Emma DiscumBOBulator V2, effects pedal, Auto Wah, analog envelope filter pedal with separate footswitchable 10 dB Boost, great for single notes & chords, wide frequency range, suitable for any instrument, controls: Boost, Width, Attack & Sense, switches: Up/Down, true bypass, powered by a 9V battery...
177 €
764,54 zł

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