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Pozostałe Efekty Gitarowe
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MXR M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato
MXR M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato
Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar
  • Chorus/ vibrato
  • Legendary sound of the Uni-Vibe of the late 60s
  • Controller for speed, level and depth
169 €
731,93 zł
Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man With Hazarai
Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man With Hazarai
Programmable Delay / Echo
  • Hazarai multitap Delay
  • Echo
  • Reverse echo
242 €
1 048,09 zł
Xotic AC Booster
Xotic AC Booster
Effects Pedal
  • Booster or distortion pedal
  • With volume, gain, treble and bass control
  • True bypass switch
239 €
1 035,09 zł
Digitech Whammy DT
Digitech Whammy DT
Effect Device
  • Polyphonic harmonizer/ detuner for guitar and bass
  • 9 Harmonizer effects
  • 10 Whammy effects
247 €
1 069,74 zł
Harley Benton Micro Stomp Wild Boost
Harley Benton Micro Stomp Wild Boost
Harley Benton Micro Stomp Wild Boost, effect pedal for electric guitar & bass, hot crunchy boost drive that borders fuzz territory without being harsh, true bypass for eliminating signal interference when switched off, solid metal chassis, high frequency EQ control, low frequency control, output volume...
29 €
125,60 zł
Amt SS-20
Amt SS-20
Amt SS-20 Pedal - 3-channel valve preamp with 1x 12AX7 valve, separate EQ for clean and overdrive channels, adjustable gain, 2x outputs (amp out and cabinet simulation out), includes 12V power supply.
299 €
1 294,95 zł
Electro Harmonix V256 Vocoder
Electro Harmonix V256 Vocoder
  • With Reflex-Tune Vocoder Pedal
  • 9 Programmable memory slots
  • Vocoder Band adjustable from 8-256 bands
242 €
1 048,09 zł
tc electronic Rush Booster
tc electronic Rush Booster
Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Booster
  • Clean Boost 20dB
  • Volume control
48 €
207,89 zł
Eventide ModFactor
Eventide ModFactor
Effects Footswitch
  • 10 Stereo or mono modulation effects
  • Instant program change
  • Real-time access via 10 buttons
444 €
1 922,94 zł
Electro Harmonix Octavix
Electro Harmonix Octavix
Effects pedal for electric guitar
  • Fuzz / Octaver
  • Delivers the official Fuzz Octave Up sound of the late 60s with modern enhancements that extend the classic concept
  • Controls volume, boost and octave
98 €
424,43 zł
Seymour Duncan Shapeshifter Stereo Tremolo
Seymour Duncan Shapeshifter Stereo Tremolo
Seymour Duncan Shapeshifter Stereo Tremolo, analog stereo tremolo effect pedal with tap tempo, digital tremolo timing, controls for wave form, symmetry, intensity, speed/ratio, phase control for mixing right and left channels, transparent control blinks in selected speed, true bypass, footswitch for effect on/off and tap...
217 €
939,81 zł
Boss VO-1 Vocoder
Boss VO-1 Vocoder
Boss VO-1 Vocoder, guitar effects pedal, innovative, easy to use Vocoder pedal, 4 modes: Vintage Mode for classic electronic synthesizer voices, Advanced Mode for new Vocoder sounds with improved clarity, Talk Box Mode enables speaking solo guitar -Sounds, Choir Mode for a full vocal chorus...
257 €
1 113,05 zł
MXR Micro Amp M133
MXR Micro Amp M133
MXR Micro Amp M133 pedal preamp, adjustable boost, can adjust the different output of two guitars, helps against losing signal with long cables, control for gain, status-LED, hardwire bypass, solid metal enclosure, to use with optional 9V battery or optional power supply (# 108096), Made...
111 €
480,73 zł
TC Electronic Spark Booster
TC Electronic Spark Booster
Ground Effect
  • 26 dB Booster
  • Level regulator for higher start of input in amps
  • Also suitable for supplementing already existing distortion / overdrive pedals
121 €
524,04 zł
Behringer US600 Ultra Shifter Harmonist
Behringer US600 Ultra Shifter Harmonist
Behringer US600 Ultra Shifter Harmonist - shifts single notes and chords to create simple transpositions, intelligent harmonies and radical bends (up to ±2 octaves), 5 totally different sounding modes (tremolo bar, flutter, de-tune, harmonist and pitch shifter). Pitch shift and tremolo bar pitch can be...
49 €
212,22 zł
Tascam CD-GT 2
Tascam CD-GT 2
Portable CD Guitar Trainer
  • Playback of CD-DA, CD-R and CD-RW
  • Anti-shock memory (10 seconds)
  • Displaying CD text (name of the album and individual tracks)
128 €
554,36 zł
HoTone Skyline Gate
HoTone Skyline Gate
Noise Gate, controls: Low Cut Filter 40Hz-120Hz, High Cut Filter (5kHz-15kHz), Sensitivity, cut switch for higher damping, status LED, true bypass, powered by a 9V DC power supply (barrel type connector - centre negative, not included, Item No. #108096), power consumption: 34mA, dimensions (LxWxH): 74...
64 €
277,18 zł
Suhr Koko Reloaded
Suhr Koko Reloaded
Electric Guitar Effect Pedal
  • Booster
  • Controls for: Boost, mid Q and mid-boost
  • Frequency mini switches
217 €
939,81 zł
Mooer Acoustikar
Mooer Acoustikar
Acoustic Simulator Pedal Effect
  • 3 Modes: piezo/ standard/ jumbo
  • Metal housing
  • True bypass
77 €
333,48 zł
Strymon Lex
Strymon Lex
Strymon Lex, stomp box, rotary speaker, accurate recreation of a rotary speaker, 1 control for rotary speed, 1 control for preamp drive, 1 control for mic distance, 1 control for horn level, adjustabel acceleration time, +/- 6dB boost/cut function, fast/slow speed switch, rotary breake function...
345 €
1 494,17 zł
Friedman Amplification Sir Compre
Friedman Amplification Sir Compre
Friedman Sir Compre, effects pedal, optical compressor pedal with overdrive, the wide-range gain knob allows you to shape the overall sound of the pedal from ultra-clean to semi-overdriven, controls: Regler: Volume, Treble, Compression and Tight, true bypass, powered by a 18V DC power supply (barrel...
222 €
961,47 zł
Boss RC-300 Loop Station Bundle
Boss RC-300 Loop Station Bundle
625 €
2 706,84 zł
Electro Harmonix Lester K
Electro Harmonix Lester K
Electro Harmonix Lester K, effect pedal, rotary speaker emulator, stereo/mono out, tube emulated overdrive, adjustable fast and slow modes, controls: Volume, Slow, Fast, Drive, Balance, high quality buffered bypass, includes ehx9.6dc-200 power supply, dimensions in mm: 102 (w) x 121 (l) x 89 (h)
195 €
844,53 zł
Boss TR-2
Boss TR-2
Boss TR-2, effects pedal, Tremolo, classic tremolo effects in an easy-to-use compact pedal, controls: Wave, Rate & Depth, current draw: 20mA, powered by a 9V battery or a 9V DC power supply (barrel type connector - centre negative, not included, Item No. #108096), dimensions: (WxDxH)...
108 €
467,74 zł
MXR Sub Machine Octave Fuzz
MXR Sub Machine Octave Fuzz
MXR Sub Machine Octave Fuzz, Fuzz & Octaver in one, 100% analog, combines MXR La Machine Fuzz sound with old school sub octave signal, separate volume controls for fuzz and sub octave signals, toggle between sub-into-fuzz series mode and sub/fuzz parallel mode, octave switch kicks...
187 €
809,89 zł

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