Bow Brand Lever 1st D Nylon String No.2


String for Lever Harp

  • Nylon
  • 1st octave D
Produkt dostępny od Lipiec 2016
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octave / octaves 1
material Nylon
single string Yes
complete set No
3,33 € 15,56 zł
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Dostępny w magazynie

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The iconic string brand for lever harps, no brainer choice.
Anonimowy 19.09.2016
Hard to really write a review here, as Bow is one of the only brand existing for lever harps (if you except harp maker's own products). The nylon strings are everything you can expect, with a quite bright sound (compared to gut ones, that I find producing a more high medium dominant sound) tension is in the middle/low range (if you are used to pedal harp tension they may feel light) but perfectly playable (no "off pitch" attack even if plucked hard).

...There is not much choices when it comes to lever harp strings and Bow is a safe and good one. I only wish Thomann distributed sets per octave as you always want to have a full replacement set at home and octave bundles are cheaper than strings by the unit usually.
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