Behringer Model D


Analogue Desktop Synthesiser in Classic Design

  • Analogue signal path (VCO mixer-VCF-VCA)
  • 3 VCOs with 5 waveforms
  • 24 dB ladder filter with resonance
  • High pass / low pass modes
  • Analogue LFO with rectangle / triangle waveforms
  • Monophonic sound generation with polychain option for up to 16 voices
  • Noise generator
  • Overdrive circuit
  • Semi-modular with 13 patch points
  • 49 Control elements for direct access
  • Can be used as a full Eurorack synthesiser voice (width: 70 HP)
  • 3.5 mm Audio input for sound processing from external sources
  • 2 Line outputs (6.3 mm) with different levels
  • 3.5 mm headphone output
  • MIDI In / Thru and USB-MIDI
  • Dimensions: 90 x 374 x 136 mm
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Power adapter included (12 V DC, 1000 mA)
  • Matching cases: Art.480288 and Art.483012 (both not included in delivery)
Produkt dostępny od Wrzesień 2018
Numer artykułu 447871
Ranking sprzedaży 1 szt.
Design Desktop
Polyphony 1
Sound Generation Analog, Synthese
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Thru
Storage Medium None
USB-port Yes
Effects No
Arpeggiator No
Number of Analog Outputs 2
Digital Output No
Display No
Optional Expansions 0
Special Features semi modular, Eurorack compatible
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I <3 Behringer
Io Eko 26.06.2019
Note that my ratings take into account the product's price.

I loved MiniMoog's sound but couldn't afford it given that I'm just a hobbyist. And even if I could afford it I'd probably not spend all that money on a vintage machine with no midi support that would cost me a fortune to maintain in the future. So, when I saw this clone from Behringer it was an instant buy. And heck I'm not regretting it. The sound is simply amazing, pretty much 100% like the original thing. Plus the guys at Behringer were cool enough to add an extra LFO and proper Midi support. The only downside is that the knobs are too close to each other and turning certain knobs becomes a tedious process. But for the price and the sound... Who cares?

As far as the comments about whether it's unethical or not that Behringer is cloning other people's circuits: Hardware and VST company giants are doing that for ages. I don't see why there's a difference in an analog modeling software based synth that is literally acting the same way a Moog circuit is and an equal analog circuit.

Thank you, Behringer. I can't wait for your new synth products.
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Great Buy For a First Analog Synth
unnamedvisitor 23.12.2020
This was highly recommended to me by 2 different teachers at my sound and music university as a great starting synth by a budget price and well, it answered my expectations.

The sound is really great and there are many sonic possibilities here, from some smooth atmospheric ambient soundscapes to acid bass and harsh noise. I really like the finishing and for someone with small hands, the knobs are quite alright. I really like what I managed to make with it so far and it is really a great synth to own if you're getting started in this world, I think if I went to a complete modular synth it would be a bit too much to grasp in the beginning and could be overwhelming.

My only problem is that sometimes the tuning is a little off, sometimes is just right, depends on how long it's working and getting hotter.

For the price, this synth is really worth it and I strongly recommend it!
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Simple and an easy playfull way to freak around
justsomeonetaakenmyname 18.03.2022
it does what it says. good old simple filter, nice osc.
just freak around.
its an easy way to start with playing around with synths.
good bass,
good layers, ( depending how you set it )

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Boog to the future
Ottebol 05.10.2020
I have both the Neutron and the Boog (nickname for Moog clone Model D) that I purchased recently at Thomann who did excellent handling. I wish Behringer would use the industry standards for CV and GATE. I had to use MIDI in to play this Boog because I did not know that you'd need three patch points instead of two, involving a Y-splitter or spider-multiplier. This is a real disappointment for me. I was used to the standard CV/GATE ports but now I need work-arounds. Also the AUDIO IN only works when a (drone) key is pressed, so to play only the filters won't work well. Probably there's a workaround too, but why making things so complicated or limited? If this Boog had at least a hold function of some sort, for drone style play, I would be double happy. Of course I have not had yet enough experience to go deep into soundpeeping, but my first impression is that I am dealing with a machine that can produce real Moogy sound, and that's why I bought one. This is for me a keeper.
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