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Aston Microphones Halo Shadow


Reflection Filter / Absorber

  • 360 Degree filtering (vertical and horizontal)
  • Groove structure
  • Very easy
  • Incl. Mounting bracket
  • Colour: Black
Type Mic Stand Absorber
Numer artykułu 406007
233 € 1 063,41 zł
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Darmowa dostawa spodziewana pomiędzy Czwartek, 21.10. a Piątek, 22.10.
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Bardzo pomysłowe i przydatne rozwiazanie
RinoP 10.09.2019
Niezwykle przydatne akcesorium wszędzie tam, gdzie przestrzeń akustyczna pozostawia wiele do życzenia...

- bardzo dobrze spełnia swoje zadanie;
- wysoka jakość wykonania.

- kiepska mobilność - sprzęt jest po prostu duży i ciężki, dlatego nagrania wyjazdowe, do których został stworzony zwyczajnie odpadają...
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Amazing reflection filter
PeriklisK 30.08.2020
I have been looking for a reflection filter in order to record vocals at home. The Halo kept showing up during my research, every time with great reviews, even being described as the "best in the market" by some. I have not used any other filters but I was really impressed by the quality of the Halo and of course the absorption of sound it provides. Might be a bit tricky to set up the first couple of times but once you get the hang of it you'll be using it without a problem.

Pros :
-Sound absorption
-Build quality
-Looks great

Cons :
-Tricky to install the first time
-Bulky and a bit difficult to store if you need to
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A noticable difference!
Steven S 24.11.2019
I use this reflection filter on a mic stand in combination with a condensor microphone, mostly for vocal takes.

Very good building quality, not flimsy at all like some reflection filters.

The difference in room noise with and without is impressive, but it is important you have absorption behind you as well to really make vocal takes dry as you would in a vocal booth. A must-have for those of us without a booth.

Definitely worth the price for the quality gain!

A took one star off as it came without a manual and installation is not intuitive. You need tools of your own. The manual on the internet isn't that great either, but here it is: >
Another con is that it can only be installed on straight mic stands. It would have been nice if you would be able to inclinate the thing, but then again, I guess that would penalize the robustness.

Conclusion: Despite the constraints and lack of manual, I would still recommend it 100% to those without the budget or room for a vocal booth.
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Excellent design
Bobskifiat 15.04.2017
This is so much better than the SE filter I was using. The wraparound effect really works well.
Because it's much lighter, the whole unit is more stable, even on my small desk mounted mic stand.
I'm impressed with the product and the improved audio quality is noticeable.
Worth the investment!
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