Adam Hall 3472 Trolley 2-stages


Hardware Trolley

  • With an extendable handle
  • Aluminium rails and 50 mm ball bearing castors on a steel axle
  • Trolley clips into place onto plastic brackets (provided)
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Corresponding mounting clips: Article Nr 401182 (one included)
Produkt dostępny od Marzec 2007
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Perfect and a great price.
Anonimowy 28.10.2016
I bought this to go with my Thomann pop-up mixer case as Im not getting any younger and lugging around 12u of Eurorack wont do my back any good! I have to travel from Ireland to the U.K. with the case so some sort of trolley solution was the only option.

I must say, I thought this was the type that has a pull-out base the case rested upon and I was a little perplexed as to how it worked after initially opening it. Now that I realize how it attaches, its not an issue but a printed page of usage scenarios or even a picture of it attached to a case would have saved me a little time.

To anyone in a similar situation, it comes with two brackets that you attach to your gear (eg you screw them to the outside of your case) and THEN the trolley can be clasped on-off the case to be moved. Really an ingenious solution and more elegant than I thought! It can apparently hold 20kg - when my 12u case is full, I'll be putting that to the test!

Highly recommended!
Pros - Very compact, lightweight and good quality construction. Very fairly priced. A very quick locking-unlocking system.
Cons - I didnt know how it worked and spent 15mins scratching my head. My fault, not the gears!
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