ABM 5050M Vintage Tremolo Mexico


  • Solid steel baseplate with string through body
  • Direct replacement for 6-point tremolo with 53 mm string spacing / 52.39 mm mounting hole spacing
  • Steel saddles
  • 2 Custom Torpedo knobs
  • Hardened mounting bolts
  • Steel block
  • Tremolo arm made of steel, with adjustable clearance
  • Colour: chrome plated base plate and saddle

Dalsze informacje

Mounting Type 6-Point
Colour Chrome, Nickel

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ABM 5050M Vintage Tremolo Mexico
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ABM 5050M Vintage Tremolo Mexico
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Classy vintage tremolo.

Shreddy Krueger., 20.05.2017
I bought the ABM 5050M Vintage Tremolo Mexico to replace a Gotoh/Wilkinson VSVG that had been on my MIM Fender Strat for the last 12 years.

The ABM 5050M really doesn't disappoint, it is obviously very well made and looks gorgeous. The quality of the finish is flawless.

The high E string is now the correct distance from the edge of the fretboard - before (with Gotoh) it was TOO close to the edge, which meant finger vibrato could pull the string over the end of the frets.

TUNING STABILITY and RETURN TO PITCH after tremolo use are excellent.

The TONE seems clearer and improved.

SUSTAIN IS MASSIVE. The volume of the sustain does not drop off quickly after picking a note like it used to. It is a BIG difference, there is no more plinky, plinky.

The guitar is now louder and the body vibrates much more. And let's be honest, who doesn't prefer a vibrating body?

It comes with a SCREW-IN ARM but also has a little hex screw to tighten the arm to stop any unwanted movement.
My only negative experience, which was all dealt with in about 2 minutes, came with the screw-in arm. I tightened the hex screw to give a solid feel to tremolo use, but it started making a slight clicking noise from the threaded part of the arm.
I loosened the hex screw slightly and the clicking stopped. But now every time the arm rotated it made a squeaking sound.
I covered the thread of the arm in Nut Sauce and screwed back in - no squeaking. I even tightened the hex screw to stop the arm wobbling again - no clicking.

I have been using the ABM 5050M for nearly a month now and have had no further issues and the arm is stable and tremolo unit feels smooth and solid in use.

The ABM 5050M is fantastically well made, looks good and sounds great. I really couldn't be happier with it.
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Artykuł dostępny w magazynie
Artykuł dostępny w magazynie

Artykuł jest dostępny od ręki.

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