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Yamaha Stagepas 400i

Compleet mini-PA-systeem

  • Tijdens vervoer kunnen de power mixer en luidsprekerkabels in de vakken worden opgeborgen.
  • Incl.. 2 luidsprekerkabels, ieder 6 m lengte
  • Passende beschermhoes art 334.759 (niet in levering inbegrepen)
  • Passende MIC stand adapter voor de mixer: art. 106561 (niet in levering inbegrepen)

2x passieve 2-wegs luidsprekers

  • Luidspreker componenten: 8"/ 1"
  • 90° x 60°
  • Belastbaarheid: 150 W
  • SPL: max. 125 dB / 1m
  • Luidsprekerstandaard 35 mm flens
  • Gewicht per luidspreker: 7,5 kg
  • Afmeting per luidspreker (B x H x D): 289 x 472 x 275 mm

8-kanaals Powermixer:

  • Vermogen: 2x 200W
  • Ingangen: 4x Mono / Line + 4 x mono / 2 stereo
  • Fantoomvoeding (alleen de kanalen 1 en 2)
  • 2-Band EQ
  • Intern SPX digitaal effect-apparaat
  • Feedback-onderdrukking
  • iPod / iPhone USB-aansluiting
  • Gewicht Mixer: 2,8 kg
  • Afmetingen Mixer (B x T x H): 308 x 180 x 94 mm

Verdere informatie

ABS-Plastic Housing Yes
Incl. Powermixer Yes
Incl. Power Amplifier No
Incl. Cable Yes
Incl. Stand No
Tweeter, 1" and Larger Yes
Midrange Driver 1x 8"

Bundelaanbieding 1

Je bespaart € 65
€ 553

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Yamaha Stagepas 400i
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€ 549 In het winkelmandje
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Licht gewicht en helder

Ik gebruik deze set voor optredens in klein/medium grote zalen met semi-akoustische instrumenten. Er zijn genoeg ingangen voor 4-5 muzikanten. De geluidskwaliteit is verbluffend goed. In omgevingen met veel achtergrond ruis blijft het geluid helder. De anti-feedback feature is heel handig in kleine ruimtes en verstoord de geluidskwaliteit nauwelijks. Eindelijk een set waar ik niet veel moet sjouwen.
In de praktijk mis ik de PAN button nooit. De EQU per kanaal is wel erg basic. Toch heb ik hem in eerste instantie gekozen omdat hij weinig knopjes heeft, zodat ik de geluid zelf kan regelen terwijl ik optreed.
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Not ideal for use with Bose L1 Compact

We think the Stagepas 400i is good for the money but not ideal for use with the Bose L1 Compact.

We play primarily as a duo but play also with a folk band where there are 4 of us using combinations of 3 fiddles, guitar, bass, accordion, electric accordion and keyboards. We had already bought a Bose L1 Compact for use with the duo but needed something further for bigger gigs which are mainly benefit gigs where we are one of several acts. Portability and quick setup as well as sound were major considerations because a) we only have one man for heavy lifting, and b) we have to set up quickly to follow the previous act.

We thought the Stagepas 400i would fit the bill as it had a mixer with plenty of inputs and was supposed to be portable. We planned to use the L1 Compact as a monitor.

The first slight surprise was that the Stagepas was not quite as portable as we had imagined. It was easier to lift the base (11.2 kg) of the Bose with one hand than one of the Stagepas speakers (7.5kg or 10.3 kg with mixer inside). This was because the Bose had a better handle on top than the indentation grip on the top of the Stagepas so we learned that weight was not the only consideration for portability but design matters a lot, too.

The Stagepas was easy to set up - plug in and go and it sounded fine. The first test was to plug in a microphone and play a fiddle into it. We tried this with both a Shure SM58 and a condenser microphone Shure SM94. This was the crucial test for us because we've had terrible feedback problems with some PAs. Fiddles are notoriously difficult to mike up. We sometimes have 3 fiddles playing at once and one player won't use pickups. The Stagepas passed with flying colours! Amazing. We even turned one speaker round to test it as a monitor and once again there was no feedback. The violin sound was very good.

The next test was to listen to the bass guitar. This sounded OKish, plenty loud enough but compared to the L1 Compact, it was muddy. After that we listened to each of the instruments separately and some of them together. We also listened to the demos from the Korg MicroArranger. Although the Stagepas sound was good, the Bose sound was in a different league (the price is in a different league, too, so it is actually unfair to compare the Bose sound with that of the Stagepas).

Finally we tried using the L1 Compact as a monitor for the Stagepas system which is what we had planned, but somehow the two sounds just didn't mix.

We decided to return the Stagepas and buy more Bose equipment (i.e. a T1 Tonematch and when we've saved up enough, another L1 Compact). It was not an easy decision. Price is always a factor and the Stagepas certainly delivered the features and the volume for an absolutely excellent price. We don't make any money from our music so we couldn't justify the outlay on those grounds but we'd been spoilt by the Bose sound and loved it. I doubt that audiences at benefit gigs, especially outside, would really notice much difference, but we noticed it and in the end we reluctantly returned the Stagepas.

At this point I have to tell all UK customers (and rest of the world customers, too - we have a Spanish friend who lives near Madrid, who will buy from nowhere but Thomann) that Thomann's service is more than amazing. If you really need to return an item, it is genuinely hassle free and completely easy. I had a post office problem re the return and when I emailed Thomann, I received an almost instantaneous reply which solved the problem and was really friendly. I think the really friendly bit matters enormously, too. You are never made to feel that you've done something wrong if there is a problem. There are always people there to help. I've been buying from Thomann for some years now and occasionally I've phoned them up. You have an English speaker (native speaker competence) at the end of a phone and you don't have to wait in a queue. I used my skype account, skype to landline, and it costs about 1p a minute. On every occasion, there's been someone nice at the end of the phone and not only nice, but also knowledgeable and efficient. I can't praise this company enough. Thank you so much, Thomann staff - after all it's the people in the end who really matter. Awesome service every time.
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Choosing a PA System
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