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Yamaha MODX6


Compacte Music Synthesizer

  • 61 toetsen
  • Halfgewogen toetsen (aanslaggevoelig)
  • Motion Control Synthesis Engine
  • Sample-gebaseerde AWM2 Synthese met 128 stemmen
  • 5,67 GB Waveform-ROM & 1 GB Flash-ROM voor User-Waveforms
  • FM-X Synthese met 64 stemmen
  • 8 operatoren en 88 algoritmes
  • Super Knob ondersteund tot 128 parameters tegelijkertijd
  • 7" Color-VGA-Touchscreen
  • 2000 preset-perfromances
  • 640 user-performances
  • 4 assingable knoppen
  • 4 sliders
  • 2-in/10-out multi-channel USB audio-interface voor PC/Mac/iOs
  • USB host en device aansluiting
  • MIDI input/output
  • 2 pedaalingangen
  • 2 voetschakelaaringangen
  • 6.3 mm stereo input
  • 6.3 mm stereo output
  • 6.3 mm koptelefooningang
  • Afmetingen: 937 x 331 x 134 mm
  • Gewicht: 6,6 kg
  • Incl. voeding (12V DC) en Steinberg Cubase AI DAW-software voor PC/Mac
Number Of Keys 61
Touch-Sensitive Yes
Aftertouch No
Split Zones Yes
Modulation Wheel Yes
Number of simultaneous Voices 128
Sound Engine AWM2 + FM-X
MIDI interface MIDI In/Out
Storage Medium Flash-ROM
USB-port Yes
Effects Multieffect processor
Arpeggiator Yes
Number of Analog Outputs 2
Digital Output No
Display Yes
Leverbaar sinds September 2018
artikelnummer 448197
Amount Of Keys 61
Touch Sensitive 1
Number of Voices 128
Pedal Connections 1x Sustain
Number of analog outputs 2
Pedal Connectors 1x Sustain
Dimensions 937 × 331 × 134 mm
Optional Expansion Boards No
Weight 6,6 kg
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€ 1.199
alle prijzen incl. btw
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Direct uit voorraad leverbaar

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Fantastisch apparaat
Casper1965 26.02.2021
Ik had eerst de Korg Kross 2 gekocht, vanwege de vele mogelijkheden, maar het geluid viel erg tegen. Gelukkig kon ik deze binnen 30 dagen ruilen (fantastische service van Thomann overigens). Toen heb ik de Yamaha MODX6 gekocht. Wat een prachtig geluid en ontzettend veel mogelijkheden. Het is wel flink studeren als je zelf performances wilt maken, want de mogelijkheden zijn ontzettend uitgebreid en daardoor misschien wat complex. De handleidingen staan op internet en zijn er gelukkig ook in het Nederlands. Verder zijn er heel veel filmpjes op Youtube met tips en voorbeelden. Kortom; met dit apparaat kun je jarenlang plezier hebben.
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Evaluatie melden

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Helaas is er een fout opgetreden, probeert u het a.u.b. later nogmaals.
Super Yamaha!
Myguel 20.10.2019
Hello friends!
I bought this unit in the MODX6 version.
A few words for those who are "tormented by choice."
From Yamaha there were earlier ES7 and AN1x.
In the new instrument and ready-made presets, others and the concept itself is different, I have not yet encountered such a thing and really like it.
On the one hand, it’s clear that for the real development of all the possibilities it will take some time, on the other hand, if there is the slightest hint of fantasy - a lot of ready-made material, select the button and create on the go.
Large responsive and understandable screen (I can compare with Roland V-synt and Korg Pa1xpro) with the ability to adjust the text size, which is very convenient for me personally.
A huge number of ready-made performances (many have not yet been beaten) for any style / direction and the possibility of their instant change.
The optimal amount of the most necessary controls, nothing more and everything is in place.
"The magic twister is something!! ...)
Not big, but not small, light, but in moderation, just for the second tier, when the solo is on top, and the piano is below))
Perfectly fits as one keyboard in a group for a scene (there is a drawback - plastic) (.
In my opinion, Yamaha was able to create a very original and different tool from others.
Actually, you can’t even see something similar in this price category if you do not need a workstation.
A variety of ready-made presets and the possibility of their radical changes, allow you to use a synthesizer in a wide variety of directions, from jazz to Spase.
I’ve been studying it for only a few days, but noticed that the presence of a large amount of “atmosphere”, interesting FX and “ethnic”, make it very suitable for Ambient, electronics and the like.
Although the “pianos” on 5 octaves and violins with guitars are also very good.)
The keyboard does not cause the slightest disgust or knock.
A little narrower than the usual and a little softer. Real "synthesizer", in a good way.
All Health and Creative Success!
P.S. Thanks Thomann! Very fast and correct! Good luck!
Sorry for my English!)
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Evaluatie melden

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Helaas is er een fout opgetreden, probeert u het a.u.b. later nogmaals.
Amazing sound, very fast workflow!
The_Dig 20.08.2021
The sound is killer as everybody knows already, but the nice thing is the workflow: doing patches from scratch is very quick and for the power on the table there's very little of so-called menu-diving.
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Evaluatie melden

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Helaas is er een fout opgetreden, probeert u het a.u.b. later nogmaals.
Best fm option available
I am Nuno 12.07.2021
This is an amazing and versatile synth.
It has a great set of sampled instruments but the most interesting part and the reason why I have it is for FM duties.
It has infinite possibilities with close to 100 fm algorithms and a tone of possible internal modulation.
It can do any genre and be used in many different configurations.

I definitely recommend it, if you’re in Europe Thomann Music is the way to go.

Enough said! ;)
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