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Tama 14"x6,5" P. Designer Bag -MG


Bag for Snare Drum

  • Size: 14" x 6.5"
  • Powerpad Designer Collection
  • 20 mm Padding
  • Backpack function
  • Rubber handle
  • Model TSDB1465MG
  • Colour: Moss Green
Diameter in inches 14"
Depth in inches 6,5"
Color Green
Leverbaar sinds Januari 2021
artikelnummer 510090
€ 49
Gratis verzending en incl. btw.
In 15-19 weken beschikbaar
In 15-19 weken beschikbaar

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Good protection with stylish exterior
hedericsM 12.09.2021
I've bought this piece of equipment a couple of months back, and it's been one of my greatest investments. If you want to have adequate protection with a stylish outlook, then don't look further.

Of course, you won't get drum case rigidity and durability, but if you aren't touring regularly, or don't need to carry around your snare all the time, it's fairly enough for your everyday needs.

comfortable carrying with backpack straps
stylish exterior
adequate protection
fairly affordable price

it probably won't protect your snare if you hit stuff with it
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