Shure SE215-CL


Dynamische In-Ear-Koptelefoon

  • Sound Isolating
  • In-Ear Design
  • Impedantie: 17 Ohm
  • Geluidsdruk: 107 dB
  • Frequentie bereik: 22 - 175000 Hz
  • Kabel-lengte: 162 cm
  • Kleur: Transparant
  • Aansluiting: Vergulde Stereojack 3,5 mm
  • Afneembare kabel, 360° draaibaar
  • Incl. verschillende oor pasvormen en bewaarbox
  • Passende vervangings-oorkussentjes: EABKF1, EASFX1, passende vervangings-kabel: EAC64 (vervangings-onderdelen niet bij de levering inbegrepen)
Leverbaar sinds Maart 2011
artikelnummer 262382
verkoopseenheid 1 stuk
Number of Ways 1
Removable Cable Yes
Ambience No
Colour Transparent
Bass Boost No
Midrange Boost No
HiFi No
Allround Yes
Application Allround
Number of Drivers 1
Cable Length 162
Impedance 17 Ohms
Sensitivity 107 dB
Earmold possible Elacin + Adaptor
Adaptor for Ear Protection 187380
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€ 119
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1345 Recensies

Soud great
70's Alien 12.07.2017
I use it for live vocal monitoring and it does the job.

The frequency response of these in ears is awesome.
The low and the high frequencies are very clear and lets not forget the mid range sounds quite flat, witch is important for a vocalist because that's where you hear tone.

They isolate like crazy though I had a hard time removing the standard ear plugs and fitting the smallest ear plugs for my small ears.
They where clamped on so hard that I was afraid I would brake them.
Luckily that didn't happen.

Once you get used to how.....they are easy to get in.
But the cable that runs down you back keeps getting hooked at the neck of you t-shirt witch can be distracting. Solution: put the cable trough a paper clip and clamp that on you T-shirt and the cable stays in place.
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Evaluatie melden

Robuste kwaliet
Simon Bradley 30.11.2021
Als 61-tiger altijd wat monitor betreft voor dikke woefers en waffers gestaan. (Dat ik nog niet doof ben is echt een wonder). Na eerst met mijn Analoge Gitaar gear na erg veel twijfel te hebben geinvesteerd in digitaal en er met erg veel verbazing dagelijks van geniet was het nu tijd voor In-Ear. Had ik dus veel eerder moeten doen. Wat een verademing en wat een kwaliteit. Echt een zeer betaalbare aanrader. Rock On!
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Evaluatie melden

High quality audio with one small negative
Boi O 17.06.2017
After using the SE215s for just over 3 years, I think I can give a fair judgement now. They are used during running (also during rain), riding motorcycle, in the bus, at university/work, behind PC. Pretty much all imaginable scenarios.
In these scenarios I have found all other headphones I used lacking in either: sound quality, durability (especially near the jack-plug and being semi-waterproof) and/or flimsy cord.

So far the SE215s have suited me reasonably well.

What I like:
-They seat very well, only headphones that I can go running with without them falling out.
-Excellent music quality for the price and form factor.
-Reasonably waterproof due to the tight fit.
-Durable cord that isn't prone to breaking.

What I dont like:
-The connectors between the earphones and cord are very prone to wear, and non-replaceable. This is a known issue for Sure but they dont fix it. If I had the option I'd rather buy these headphones with fixed cords instead of this point of failure. For me this happened about 2 to 2.5 years after use.

The only thing holding back 5 stars for me are the connectors that are very prone to wear and dirt.
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Nice IEM for a decent price.
Kimiko 24.05.2024
I like the SE215's, the sound is good, the external sound isolation is decent if you use the foam tips. I still haven't really settled on which size to use but I always have trouble with anything in ear be it plugs or ear phones. I find it pretty hard to insert them, but maybe I'll get used to that over time. It does start to hurt a bit in one ear after wearing it for a bit longer but like I said, my ears are pretty difficult.
One thing I don't like about it is that there is sometimes a high pitched whine, specifically when I turn on bluetooth on the drum module. Once I start playing I can't hear it anymore, but it's very noticable if there is no other sound.
I also had to buy an extension cable because the cable is a bit short and I wanted some more freedom (to pick up the sticks I kept dropping...).
Overall I'm very happy with them though, it's great to be able to hear the sounds of the e-kit more than me whacking the pads.
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