Seymour Duncan STS-1S Triple Shot Frame BLK
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great versatility!
Anoniem 16.12.2016
I used this frame on my Godin detour, loaded with factory pick-ups. One of the stock frame rings broke, so i decided to upgrade them both for more versatility.

I like the subtility of the frames, no obnoxious extra switches/buttons to be mounted onto the guitar.
Installation was fairly easy. The only tricky part is soldering up the wires without making connections inbetween them.
Length of the provided wires are more than sufficient for any guitar.
The switches seems small and fragile plastic bits but for now they seem to be sturdy enough for the job.
They aren't to hard to toggle using your fingers or using your pick.

The only real downside i found with this product is the price. I think the rings are an awesome concept, nicely designed, but they are a little bit overpriced.
You can build the same circuit using 2 cheap toggle switches for 1/4th of the price.
Further more the frames are alike any other simple pick-up frame. I expect one day to find the plastic breaking just as did my previous frame. But I expect this to be at least 10 years from now.

Allround great product, not an essential to have, but a nice simple mod to do on your guitar. If this would be just a little less expensive I would install it on any of my guitars.
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Seymour Duncan STS-1S Triple Shot Frame BLK