Schaller Security S-Locks Pin Set XL BC

Straplock pinset voor Schaller S-Lock System

  • Pin en schroef uit één stuk
  • Eenvoudig te installeren met een 3 mm inbussleutel
  • Speciaal gedraaide 4,5 mm draad voor maximale grip in het hout
  • Sterkste staal en dubbele wanddikte voor maximale slijtvastheid en veiligheid
  • Extra lang
  • Oppervlakte: zwartchroom
  • Schaller Nr.: 24050400
  • Bevat vilten ringen van hoge kwaliteit om uw instrument te beschermen

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Type Security Locks

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Schaller Security S-Locks Pin Set XL BC
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Schaller Security S-Locks Pin Set XL BC
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Schaller S-Locks BC
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Schaller Security S-Locks Pin Set XL C
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Harley Benton Security Locks BK
7% kocht Harley Benton Security Locks BK € 5,90
Schaller S-Locks CH
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Schaller, this is a disgraceful policy! You're losing a loyal customer.
Malinka, 17.08.2020
These pins look very solid - possibly more so than the old ones. The screw are longer and thicker than on the older versions. So long, in fact, that I'm going to take an old set off one of my basses to use on my Epiphone SG, because I don't want to dig too deeply into the set neck. So, once fitted (see cons) they might be very good.

I'd not recommend using these on set necks with strap pins behind the neck, such as is the case on Gibson or Epiphone SG's. I'd be concerned that I'd start drilling into the actual connection and wakening it. A bit overkill! The old set used to come with two lengths of screws, and that was better than an all-in-one unit where you cannot choose the screw length or type of thread. On most instruments, these will be solid, though (if you can get them in - see below about hex key sizes.

Don't buy if you haven't got at least one full set. They get screwed in with a hex key that is supplied in the full set, but not with just the pins. It's - I contend deliberately - a totally awkward diameter. I have a 30-piece hex key set, both imperial and metric. No key fits, not even close, which means I can't fit the pins. And the full kit's box looks so small - there ain't now long, strong and solid hex key in there. What if your instrument is made of a really hard wood?

Also, they are incompatible with strap holders from the 80's, so I have one pair (1986) that doesn't lock in properly, and you can pull the pin out with your bare hand, holding it by the tread. And I have a 90's set where the pin inside the strap holder is slightly narrower, and those fit. So Schaller are forcing me to buy something I already have?

Schaller seem determined to make you replace your whole kit on various instruments, if you've been daft enough to use them for decades. Not what I consider customer loyalty points. And, frankly, if I do end up having to start from scratch, which involves removing a glued-in pin on my ancient Jazz Bass, Schaller will not be my choice for a replacement, even if the whole kaboodle were compatible across all my instruments. As a matter of principle, if companies break ties with their oldest loyal customers by redesigning their products without backward compatibility, I'm not their customer. It's a choice they make. And the other is a choice I make.

I'll see what happens once a full kit is unpacked, just out of curiosity, but something tells me that the hex key won't be large and powerful enough to tighten these well. And then the whole lot goes back. Their bridges have already got worse and rattle, now they've messed up this product as well. Seriously?

By all means buy if you're new to the game of straplocking your axes. These look solid, other than the miniscule diameter of the off-sized hex key. Avoid if you've been playing across millennia; they are only partially compatible, depending on how old your strap holders are.

Not cool - big shame! I used to swear by these, never dropped an axe in 38 years of playing. But I'm sure the Dunlops or others will do as well. I don't support this kind of disloyalty from manufacturers.

P.S. Medium rating for quality because you cant test what you're prohibited from fitting. They probably are better than just Oll Korrect.
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