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Roland FP-80 Bk B-Stock

B-Stock met volledige garantie

Lichte gebruikssporen

Digitale piano

  • Compacte 88 toetsen digitale piano met ingebouwd multi-kanaals luidsprekersysteem
  • Ivory Feel-S klavier met drukpunt
  • SuperNATURAL klankproductie
  • Intelligente ritme feature met akkoordherkenning over het gehele klavier
  • Chord pattern functie maakt automatische akkoordenwissels mogelijk
  • Microfoon-ingang en vocal harmony effect
  • Luidspreker systeem: Roland Acoustic Projection technologie 4-way
  • Afmetingen (B x D x H): 1396 x 371 x 134 mm
  • Gewicht: 23,8 kg
  • Kleur: zwart
  • Incl. demperpedaal

Verdere informatie

Number Of Keys 88
hammer mechanics Yes
Number of simultaneous tones 128
Number Of Sounds 372
Effects Yes
Speaker Yes
Headphone Outputs 1
Sequencer Yes
Metronome Yes
MIDI keyboard-function Yes
Pitch Bend No
Modulation Wheel No
Split Zones 1
Layer Function Yes
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Out
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1 geschreven waarderingen
gb Automatisch vertaald (Origineel tonen)
gbOriginele review (Vertaling tonen)
Helaas is er een fout opgetreden, probeert u het a.u.b. later nogmaals.

The cheapest PHA-III keybed

Pekka Y., 22.07.2013
First of all - it was bought as my rating title says - keybed was the main point. I have spent ages of time in a shop trying to compare dozens of keyboards actions. All Kawai, Korg, Yamaha, Roland, Casio (Yes, yes - these days Casio keys are absolutely comparable, do believe it). After some blind and deaf tests (I mean I've tried them first without turning on) I definitely found the winner - it was the PHA-III keybed on Roland HP-507 piano. But there was no FP-80 or FP-7F in the music store, so I couldn't try them in action unfortunately, listening only all the demos in UT and Roland site.
The other ages I have spent on forums and reviews, trying to reveal the big Roland's secret - what's is the difference between PHA-III in upper HP&RD models and the "Ivory Feel-S" introduced in the FP-80/FP-7F?
There have been two opinions found - 1. they are almost the same apart from the "S' whch stands for single or solid plastic piece for the keys. 2. The -S is a cheaper step back from full version of PHA-III.
But I haven't found any reasons or explanations for the latter allegation. So I bought the FP-80 and forgot about the more expensive RD-700NX, which is the sincere full stage piano ever since.

After putting my hands on the keys I immediately said - YES, the -S version IS different! It is not bad at all though and it is as fast as the PHA-III, which is the main advantage of the PHA-III I think. But, due to the material or any other reason the feeling is different, it's better to accept it peacefully. The Roland's secret is still covered up deep inside.

Another PROS:
* The sound is good - didn't expect this! SuperNATURAL is really improved compared to FP-7F. There are lots of settings and presets resonances of various sounds. You can create your own grand.
* Easy in interface. Get the same setup position where you left the last time. It is possible to save the current configuration. It is possible to store up to 25 different configurations of custom tools.
* The triple pedal (bought separately) operates as a real one. Sostenuto function allows you to pinch certain notes. Damper works as gauge - can be smoothly stop the sound, making the half damping. The very old notes with low torque stop, the new music with strong momentum weakened - the behavior really sounds like a real work of physical strings! When you push sharply the damper - you hear a real "shsh" ! I have the feeling that I sat at a real piano!
* Metal body! This is of course a minus for the sound, but a plus for reliability. And considering that the built phones will never give you a normal sound, just connect it to any good external system, so the plus is much more important than the minus.

CONS found so far:
* Too bright LEDs - nothing is perfect. At home, they will make you blind. When you enter the settings, the are persistently flashing. This is the most annoying, because it is convenient to play even in the Setup position. It would be nice to have an option to disable these tedious LEDs.
* Built-in sound system is certainly not capable of delivering decent sound, due to size limitations. Two additional speakers on the sides of the keyboard do not change the picture much better. I would say it should not have to show off and wasting time on the development and promotion Acoustic Projection (fingers fan, 4 speakers - what's new in them), and it would be better instead made off-LEDs option.

And again, - the new FP-80 with headset and the Tannoy monitors sound fantastic! No regrets so far.
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