Remo 13" Pinstripe Coated


Vel voor TomTom

  • Grootte: 13"
  • Coated Pinstripe Series
  • Kleur: wit opgeruwd
  • Dubbele laags, gelijmd aan de rand
  • Rond, gecoördineerd, vol geluidsspectrum
  • Pre-dempt nog sterker door de aangebrachte laag
Colour White
Type Of Head Double Ply
Finish Textured, Coated
Damper Ring No
Dot No
Leverbaar sinds September 2005
artikelnummer 185013
€ 24,30
Incl. btw plus € 4,80 verzending
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Direct uit voorraad leverbaar

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Excellent balanced sound for toms
TimDD 06.06.2015
I have tried various skins on my drum kit over the past 20 years including coated and non-coated versions of Remo Pinstripe.

This coated Pinstripe sounds fantastic on my small tom tom. It was easy to tune and gives a great warm but direct sound with great control of overtones, without being in any way dull.

I have these on my three toms (13", 14" and 16") and mix them with Remo Powerstripe heads on the snare (14") and bass drum (22"). All the toms have clear Remo ambassadors as resonant skins. This combination sounds great and the drums stay nicely in tune despite being packed and transported regularly.

I would highly recommend these skins and the Thomann price and service is great!
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