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Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 AI

Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 AI 16-Channel Digital Mixer

  • Geïntegreerde 32x18 FireWire s800 24-bits / 48 kHz audio interface en Ethernet-poort
  • Volledig programmeerbaar
  • Afstandsbediening via iPad
  • JetPLL jitterreductiefilter
  • 17 ultra-low noise XMAX Class-A Preamps (ook in talkback microfooningang)
  • 8 grafische 31-band EQs, aan te sluiten op alle auxes en de som
  • Hoge resolutie Burr-Brown digitaal-omzetters met 118 dB dynamisch bereik
  • Interne signaalverwerking met 32-bit floating point
  • 4 programmeerbare meester DSP effecten (nagalm 2x, 2x Delay)
  • Double-toewijsbare, dwars Fat Channel met Save, Copy, Recall (50 presets, 49 User-memories), die toe te wijzen zijn aan alle ingangen, aux sends, effect returns, evenals subgroepen van de som en kan in real-time gebruikt worden
  • Faseschakelaar
  • High-Pass filter met instelbare grensfrequentie
  • Volledig parametrische compressor
  • Limiter
  • Noise Gate met release-regelaar
  • Semi-parametrische 4-band EQ
  • PanPot met dwarse LED chain
  • A / B hardware-knop om de gewenste bezetting selecteren
  • Range
  • Attack
  • Key filter
  • Key Listen
  • Expander van de Noise Gate
  • Threshold van de limiter
  • Full-parametrische van de 4-band EQ
  • 6 programmeerbare mute groepen All On / All Off en 6 "Mix Scene" geheugens via "StudioLive Remote AI" te bedienen
  • 21 hoogwaardige 100 mm faders
  • 16-kanaals LED-ketens
  • 8 MASTER LED-ketens
  • Scène automatisering met Load/ Save / Recall van alle instellingen
  • 79 onboard geheugen locaties
  • Ingangen:
  • 16x microfoon (XLR) met fantoomvoeding, 16x Line (jack, symmetrisch), 16x Analog-Insert (TRS jack Send / Return), Tape (2x RCA L / R), 2x stereo extra (ingang L / R)
  • Uitgangen:
  • 3x XLR (som L / R monosom), 14x gebalanceerde Jack (main L / R, 6x aux / monitor, 4x subgroepen, Regie L / R), Tape (2x RCA), koptelefoons (stereo jack), S / PDIF (coaxiaal) plus 16 analoog, gebalanceerde directe uitgangen (2x D-Sub-25)
  • Talkback-unit met XLR microfooningang (48 V)
  • Voorbereid voor Optionele Dante, AVB of Thunderbolt Card
  • Afmetingen (BxDxH): 43,74 x 56,81 x 17,53 cm
  • Gewicht: 10.43 kg
  • Inclusief FireWire-kabel, USB Wi-Fi adapter en Presonus Active Integration software suite. Virtual StudioLive inclusief Smart system Analyze, Studiolive Remote AI, Qmix-AI (gratis in de Apple App Store), Capture 2 en Studio One 2 Artist voor Mac en pc

Verdere informatie

Buses 6
Inputs 16
Channels (max. amount) 32
DCA (Digitally Contr. Amp.) Yes
Card Slot (external) Yes
Touchscreen No
Offline Editing Yes
Demountable Stagebox No
External Power Supply No
Port For Ext. Power Supply No
19" Rack Unit Yes
Built in Audio player No
11 Klantenevaluaties:
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4.8 / 5.0
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gbOriginele review (Vertaling tonen)
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How a digital mixing console should be

DocN, 27.02.2014
After working long time with my Allen & Heath 16:2 (1st edition) console and a 9unit side rack (compressor, eq, reverb ...) I wanted to size down the equipment a bit.
We are 5 musician in a country-band - 4 of us need a different monitor-mix and we do not really have a tone-engineer with us.
The console arrived Saturday morning and was unpacked in minutes...
Powered up, Mic connected and active spekers attached (of course: the manual is still seald in a plastic bag....).
The only "change" is the layout of the channel strip - the "fat channel" is gorgeos!!
Having all the parameters well-arranged, the only thing I needed some time for was how to add fx to the channel strips.
I already states it: I did not need a manual at all....who ever used a pro analog console should have no issues using this genious mixer.
A great feature is the Iphone and IPad remote control:
Full access from IPad to all channel strips, fx, subs, eq, ... - and the most used in our band: the iphone monitor mix - just two virtual wheels on the Iphone, one for "Me" (to be configured - i.e. my guitar and my mic) and "Band" - a mix out of all other instruments. Really handy and helpful - saves time.

My final statement: Easy to use, "All inclusive" (for my/our requirements) and worth every penny!
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gb Automatisch vertaald (Origineel tonen)
gbOriginele review (Vertaling tonen)
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Excellent didgital desk

Steven556, 13.01.2015
This desk was an investment for the future. I have the iPad and a router in order to get a really good front of house mix. I can additionally setup great in-ear and monitor mixes using the iPad or an iPhone.

Apart from the AI features, the desk is user friendly and making the transition from analog to digital is very easy. The buttons on each channel strip light up and you can easy determine where you are on the board and what features on the channel strip are accessible. You can also save everything you can do as a 'scene'. This allows the recall function to be your number 1 means of bringing up old mixes from previous shows you may have done. You also tweak older mixes and save them on top of the old scene or as a new one. This might sound complicated but if you search through Presonus online you will find a tonne of videos that will aid in your research before you buy.

I was going to get a Studio Master or a Behringer X32. Presonus was the best decision I could have made.
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