Peli 1500-000-150


  • De legendarische Equipment koffer uit de VS
  • Schokbestendig, waterdicht, olie en vet bestendig
  • Military Standard
  • Automatische drukvereffeningsklep - compenseert de druk in de behuizing, voorkomt dat water binnendringt
  • O-ringafdichting
  • Binnenste afmetingen: 42,8 x 28,6 x 15,5 cm
  • Buitenafmetingen: 47,1 x 35,7 x 17,5 cm
  • Gewicht: 3,2 kg (met schuim)
  • Kleur: oranje
  • Inclusief schuiminzetstuk
  • Gemaakt in Duitsland

Verdere informatie

Bag Type Universal Case
Interior Foam Block
Material Plastic
Stackable no
Wheels no
Trolley no
IP Certification 67
Color Orange
Weight 3,2 kg
Inner width 428 mm
Inner Depth 286 mm
Inner Height 155 mm
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5 /5
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Protect Your Valuables!
Kevin629, 07.03.2014
I bought this case to transport all of my mics, DIs and other sundry items from the dangers of live shows, roadies and vans!

This case may be well over the top for some practices but if you want total piece of mind with regards to the safety of your valuables then this is the case you want!

Also, I bought the orange one mainly because i don't see many outrageous orange cases around. I can easily spot which one is mine from a mile off!

the build quality is second to none, great solid latches and hinge, comfortable and sturdy handle and the composite plastic (i forget what its made of) offers flight case grade protection without the metal corners. By which i mean you can sit this on the seat of your car and not worry about it damaging anything else in transit too!

Well worth it.
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Peli 1500-000-150
Peli 1500-000-150

Koffer De legendarische Equipment koffer uit de VS, Schokbestendig, waterdicht, olie en vet bestendig, Military Standard, Automatische drukvereffeningsklep - compenseert de druk in de behuizing,...

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Peli 1510-004-110

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Peli 1560-000-110
Peli 1560-000-110

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Peli 1535 Air Carry-On Divider
Peli 1535 Air Carry-On Divider

Apparatuurkoffer Gemaakt van superlichte HPX²-polymeer en daardoor tot 40% lichter dan andere polymeerkoffers, Schokbestendig, Waterdicht, Olie- en vetbestendig, Drukvereffeningsventiel (laat geen...

Peli 1500-000-110
Peli 1500-000-110

Peli Suitcase De legendarische Equipment koffer uit de VS, Schokbestendig, waterdicht, olie en vet bestendig, Militaire standaard, Drukcompensatieventiel, Inwendige afmetingen: 43,2 x 29,0 x 15,6...

Peli 1510-000-110
Peli 1510-000-110

Peli 1510-00-110 Case De legendarische uitrustingskoffer, Schokbestendig, waterdicht, olie- en vetbestendig, Robuust en lichtgewicht en goedgekeurd door de Amerikaanse luchtverkeersleiding FAA,...

Peli 1550-000-110
Peli 1550-000-110

Peli Case De legendarische Equipment-Koffer-model uit de Verenigde Staten, Schokbestendig, waterdicht, olie en vet bestendig, Militaire standaard, Automatisch drukcompensatieventiel - laat druk...

Peli 1510-000-150
Peli 1510-000-150

Koffer De legendarische Equipment Suitcase, Schokbestendig, waterdicht, olie en vet bestendig, Robuust en licht van gewicht, en door de Amerikaanse Air Navigation FAA goedgekeurd, Military...

Peli 1560-000-240
Peli 1560-000-240

Case The legendary equipment case, Shock-proof, Water-resistant, Oil and grease resistant, Pressure equalisation valve (equalises the pressure in the case, prevents water from penetrating), O-ring...

Peli 1535 Air Carry-On
Peli 1535 Air Carry-On

Transport Case Van Superlight proprietary HPX² polymeer en dus tot 40% lichter dan andere polymeer koffers, Schokbestendig, Waterdicht, Olie en vet bestendig, Drukcompensatieventiel - houdt het...

Peli 1510-000-240
Peli 1510-000-240

Equipment Case Shock-proof, Water-resistant, Oil and grease resistant, Robust and lightweight and FAA-approved by the American air traffic control authorities, Military standard, Automatic pressure...

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