Paiste 10" Rude Series Splash


Splash Bekken

  • Rude-serie
  • Grootte: 10"
  • Brede, volle, hoog klinkende energetische Splash bekken
  • Grote klank breedte
  • Explosieve, hard splash met snelle respons
  • Als paar uitstekend geschikt als mini hi-hat
Hand Hammered Cymbal Yes
Finish Regular / Traditional
Alloy B8 Bronze
Leverbaar sinds Oktober 2001
artikelnummer 150760
verkoopseenheid 1 stuk
€ 141
alle prijzen incl. btw
direct leverbaar
direct leverbaar

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Paiste 10" Rude Series Splash as X Hats
David9321 01.07.2015
I play Paiste cymbals to the exclusion of other brands, so the review Is a honest reflection of my use as X Hats ( mini hats ), as suggested by Paiste on their product website.
Individually the cymbals are as described by Paiste and fulfill the splash role in a medium to loud environment, not as rounded as the Signature series but effective as the Rude series definition describes.
Purchased as a X Hat pair, needing to have a different sound to a Signature pair, more earthy, I was disappointed in that the individual characteristics were all but lost when paired. The stick definition , using AHEAD sticks, was not at all as a Paiste Hi-Hat is, either as fully/partially open or closed. It was musically, non Paiste, Used in both band and vocal accompanying situations, there was no real definition and the sound created was as 2 tamed individual cymbals not acting as one H-Hat. The volume was available but the clear defined paired sound was just not definable. I changed to the Signature series 10 inch Hi-Hats, and the change was noticeable not just to myself but band members and vocalists.
So as individual cymbals, they are as described by Paiste but for this Paiste player, I cannot agree with a recommendation to use as Hi-Hats( mini hats)
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