With a tuba, the sky's the limit - sounding good, looking good, and always tuned to fun!


The tuba, queen of the wind instruments.

The tuba is an instrument which in popular belief probably comes closest to ideas such as bulky, heavy, and folksy. It is in fact the largest brass wind instrument and plays the lowest notes of them all, even if "tuba" itself means nothing else than "trumpet" in Latin. But a tuba's sound is different form that of all other instruments precisely because of its size. If you tear your mind away from the stereotypes and actually listen to the sound, you'll find that words such as voluminous, noble, soft and warm are best suited to describe it. With a range of four octaves, different styles of construction and a variety of tunings, the instrument offers a wide variety of sounds and can therefore also be used in many musical styles.

Today this instrument is going through significant changes. From being "only" the ochestra tuba, which is the foundation of brass bands and symohony orchestras, it has been cropping up in a large number of bands and is more and mnore often used as a solo intrument. With this intrument, the sky's the limit!

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