Novation Circuit Tracks

Focusrite + Novation Promo 03/2023

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  • 2 Synth-tracks, 2 MIDI-tracks en 4 Drum-tracks
  • Step-Sequenzer met 32 steps (256 stepsequences per track) met off-grid functie
  • Geïntegreerde effecten
  • Synth-patches, samples en projecten kunnen op microSD-kaart worden opgeslaan (microSD-kaart niet meegeleverd)
  • 32 Velocity-gevoelige, RGB-pads met achtergrondverlichting
  • 28 Tactiele RGB-toetsen met achtergrondverlichting
  • 8 Eindeloze draaiknoppen
  • Master filter knop met centre detent
  • Transport knoppen
  • Geïntegreerde batterij
  • Class compliant PC/Mac
  • 2 Line ingangen: 6,3 mm jack
  • 2 Line uitgangen: 6,3 mm jack
  • Stereo hoofdtelefoonuitgang: 3,5 mm mini jack
  • Sync uitgang: 3,5 mm mini jack
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru
  • Afmetingen (B x H x D): 240 x 45 x 210 mm
  • Gewicht: 0,78 kg
  • Incl. USB-kabel en USB-stroomadapter
Leverbaar sinds Februari 2021
artikelnummer 512775
verkoopseenheid 1 stuk
Design Desktop
Polyphony 6
Sound Generation Modeling, Sample based
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Out, 1x Thru
Storage Medium MicroSD
USB-port Yes
Effects Yes
Arpeggiator No
Number of Analog Outputs 2
Digital Output No
Display No
Pads 32
Fader(s) 0
Sampling Function 1
Number of analog outputs 2
Headphone Output 1
Optional Expansions None
Extras Batterie powered
Special Features Battery Powering
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€ 315
alle prijzen incl. btw
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direct leverbaar

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Erg Goed
Giovanni2 11.04.2021
Erg goed product heb er veel plezier aan
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Evaluatie melden

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Best introduction for making electronic music
LaraM 08.11.2021
Handling: The Circuit Tracks is probably the most hands-on device you can find for making electronic music. Virtually no menu navigation and super easy to pick up and start creating beats. The only issues I had were with the SD Card, which are limited to 32 GB (larger SD cards won't work well) and had a lot of problems uploading packs, but those were eventually solved by making sure I was using an SD Card formatted to FAT.

Features: CT packs a ton of features in it without feeling overwhelming. On the other hand, patch editing on the companion software can be very hard for beginners. Advanced users will find the CT a bit too limited but I think they can benefit from using it as sequencer for external hardware (something I haven't tried yet).

Sound: For the size and price it packs a lot of punch. The synth engine sounds good and the FX section works as expected. Being able to apply FX to external sound sources is a nice hidden feature.

Quality: The CT is a well built tool, feels sturdy but also light enough to bring to you anywhere.

Overall: I recommend the CT for any electronic music beginner who wants to get into hardware. The CT has huge expansion possibilities by adding external hardware and there's enough packs available online to not to get bored anytime soon. For advanced users it may feel limited.
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Evaluatie melden

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Best for beginners
IceUul 06.04.2021
Really good value product for beginner music makers.

- Portability - all you need to start is inside this machine, enough battery life and features.
- Connectivity - you can add two external synths plus drum machine and sequence all this together with internal sounds, also apply effects to external synths.
- Sequencer - you can use this as 5 channel sequencer for external gear, for example i can use this to sequence my Jupiter-X synth which has total 5 channels.
- Features - lot of tuning options and features.
- Easy to learn - just needs few days to learn

- Only two external midi sound tracks available, if you want to use internal sounds, mixer and fx section.
- Internal sound quality is mediocre
- Case slightly collects scratches
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Evaluatie melden

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Swiss Army Knife
emdezet 02.03.2021
Two poly synths, four basic samples tracks, two all new poly MIDI tracks and a very touchable sequencer with pattern chaining, Ableton-Live-like "scenes" and step probability.

BOOOOOM! Novation drop the successor to the OG Circuit and double down on (internal!) battery driven portability, external MIDI and overall pad grid sequencing goodness. What's new? Audio In, 32 step patterns, variable pattern speeds, stop and start points, "scenes" AKA song mode, and one cleaned up caressable hardware package.

DAYUM, Wycombe! Pry this box from my cold dead hands if you dare! Need a musical sketchpad with synths and samples? Check! Need automatable Send-FX? Check! Need four MIDI tracks of poly sequencing? Checke-di-check! Need a citrus juicer? Yeah... look elsewhere maybe.

Circuit never dies,
Peace Out!
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