McDSP 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip Na

Channelstrip plugin (download)

  • Bevat 28 EQ-, dynamic-, saturator- en filter modules
  • Eenvoudige bediening via drag-and-drop
  • Sidechain functionaliteit
  • Simuleert analoge verzadiging
  • Intern dubbele rekenkracht
  • Mono- en stereo versie


  • Ondersteunde formaten: VST2/VST3/AU/AAXnative
  • Systeem-vereisten: Win7 (32/64-bit) min., Mac OSX 10.7 min., internet-verbinding, Pace iLok (art. 401447)

Verdere informatie

Los artikel / bundelartikel Bundle
Delay No
Dynamics Yes
Effect Filter No
Encoder/Decoder No
Equalizer Yes
Guitar amps/-effects No
Metering/Analyzing Tool No
Modulation Effects No
Multieffect / Plugin-Host No
Overdrive/Distortion No
Preamp / Saturation No
Psychoacoustic tool / Enhancer / Exciter No
Restauration No
Reverb No
Special FX No
Summer / Mixing Consoles No
Tape Simulation No
Transient Processing No
Vocoder / Vocal effect No
Mastering Tools No
DSP-based No
Hardware Controller No
Copy protection iLok
Stand Alone operation No
VST2 Yes
VST3 Yes
Audio Units Yes
AAX native Yes
SoundGrid No
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4.3 / 5.0
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  • geluid/kwaliteit
  • computergebruik
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VST is Flawed

MrStrat555, 09.01.2018
On paper, this is an excellent product, providing much of your audio track processing needs in one simple, CPU efficient, easy to set up plugin. I use it in Cubase Pro 9.5 to mix rock and metal music and find that the sound from all of the modules is very good.
However, it does have a few bugs which make its use extremely annoying; firstly, the meters on the compressor module are extremely unstable, showing a violent fluctuation of the gain reduction needle on the GUI's VU meter. I'm pretty sure that this is purely a graphical issue and has no effect on the sound output from the processor. I have tested this issue with a noise generator and against several other types/brands of compressor and can't detect any such rapid fluctuations in the levels.
Secondly, more worryingly, there are occasional glitches where the main input and output levels will clip, engaging the clip warning indicators. In one play-through of a mix, it will not happen, next play-through it will clip the master output. I monitored this very carefully, being meticulous to gain stage the audio levels passing through the plugin, but sadly, it happens at completely random times, almost like it momentarily stops working or adds a loud, undetectable low frequency signal that clips the meters.
Thirdly, there is no side chaining capability for the VST version of the plugin, which limits its usefulness greatly. A promised future update will apparently add this feature, but when this will happen is unclear.
Lastly, the VST version has no presets available, which is another feature the promised update to the plugin will cure.
On the plus side, the modules sound really good, all of them, I especially like the saturation modules which have a rich, highly tweakable convincing tub-like sound and the eq's are easy to dial in, each with a sound of its own! Which is what makes me so frustrated, I really want to like and use this plugin a lot, but the issues are spoiling my enjoyment of it!
I have written an email to the company, but as yet, I have had no response, which is also extremely annoying; this plugin is not cheap and I could do with some reassurance as to when (and IF) the VST version will be fixed. If ever it does and the issues above are cured, it will get a resounding Five Star score.
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More people than ever are now convinced of the advantages of plug-ins. Why?
EQ is perhaps the least noticed of all types of audio processing, but also the most important.
Audio Compressors
Audio Compressors
This tutorial covers audio compressors and how they are used.
Sound Libraries & Sampling
Sound Libraries & Sampling
Sampling technology is no longer restricted to large studios!
Online experts
More people than ever are now convinced of the advantages of plug-ins. Why?
Online experts
EQ is perhaps the least noticed of all types of audio processing, but also the most important.
Online experts
Audio Compressors
Audio Compressors
This tutorial covers audio compressors and how they are used.
Online experts
Sound Libraries & Sampling
Sound Libraries & Sampling
Sampling technology is no longer restricted to large studios!
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