Markbass Mini CMD 121P

Bass combo

  • Vermogen: 300 Watt @ 8 Ohm, 500 Watt @ 4 Ohm
  • Luidsprekers: 1x 12" neodymium (speciaal op maat gemaakt dooe B&C) en tweeter
  • Frequentiebereik: 45-18.000 Hz
  • Bi-band limiter
  • Controls voor volume, bass, high en low mid, treble en master volume
  • Variable pre shape filter
  • Vintage luidspreker emulator
  • Line uitgang
  • Aansluiting voor effecten (send en return)
  • Zeer licht en compact, gewicht slechts ca. 11,9 kg
  • Gewicht: ca.11,9 kg
  • Afmetingen (B x H x D): ca. 38 x 42,5 x 36 cm
  • Bijpassende beschermhoes: art. 241660 (niet inbegrepen)
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  • Funk Direct
  • Funk Speaker
  • Jazz Direct
  • Jazz Speaker
  • Rock Direct
  • Rock Speaker

Verdere informatie

Power 500 W
Speaker component 1x 12"
HF-Horn Yes
Equalizer 4-Band
Compressor No
Limiter Yes
Effects Unit No
Headphone Output No
DI Output Yes
Speaker Connector Yes
CD/MP3 Input No

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Markbass Mini CMD 121P
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Markbass Mini CMD 121P
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€ 777 In het winkelmandje
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Onze meest geliefde transistor bas combo
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Kwaliteit voor een prijs

Benharim, 31.10.2014
ik ben nog maar een beginnend basgitarist, maar ook mijn basgitaarleraar is uitermate content over deze versterker. Het geluid is werkelijk adembenemend. Toen ik hem voor het eerst aanzette thuis (iedereen was weg) werd ik echt getroffen (letterlijk en figuurlijk) door de fantastische klank. Het ging door merg en been. Toch valt de klank in alle richtingen te veranderen. Voor mij eerlijk gezegd iets te veel mogelijkheden, maar dat is peanuts. En een waanzinnig volume! Wauw! Solide bouw, net hoog genoeg om het als krukje te gebruiken tijdens het spelen (dan voel je de klank in je hele lichaam). En echt niet zwaar bij het transporteren (hoewel ikzelf voor het gemak wel een klein steekwagentje heb gekocht, want je neemt niet alleen de versterker mee.). Een van mijn beste (muzikale) aankopen in jaren.
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gbOriginele review (Vertaling tonen)
Helaas is er een fout opgetreden, probeert u het a.u.b. later nogmaals.

First impressions..... Plus gig report...

Took delivery of this remarkable combo today and rushed over to my studio to give it a try out where I could assess, amongst other things, if it really did kick out as much as the spec says.....

So, marvelling at the puny weight, I carried it on one finger from my car to the studio and shut the sound proof door behind me.

I removed the transit cover (also bought here) and set about "middling" all the settings - I wanted to test the uncoloured sound before I played with eq and stuff.

Gain on about half, master volume on about half.... Whoa... earplugs needed..! The output is astonishing although there WAS a problem.

There was an overbearing growl to the sound - rather like the early break-up you get from Orange bass amps. I was expecting the smooth, undistorted silky sound I had heard so much about.

A bit of experimentation ended up with the gain right down low, mid-low rolled off and the master volume up high. This had almost the desired effect but there was still that slight bark from the speaker and, of course the volume was a bit limited.

This was a major disappointment. I wanted clean and I was getting dirt..Hmmm..

I decided to run through a few songs that I needed to brush up on for a gig tomorrow night and see what happened.

After about half an hour or so I detected a gradual increase in volume and an improvement in tone. So much so that I had to turn the thing down and, to my delight found that I could increase the gain back up from next to nothing and the unwanted growl had all but disappeared.

Ok, so what on earth could be happening..?

Well, for now I'm putting it down to the driver and the probability/possibility that it needed "running-in". If the driver was stiff from sheer newness and was now loosening up that would account for it nicely I guess.

Anyway, dear reader, I am gigging with it tomorrow night and I'll report back..

I'm hoping that I'll be able to re-rate the combo to 5 stars all the way.

18-12-2014... Last night's gig was a proper test for the combo. I was standing in with another band and I am delighted to report that the little box didn't let me down.

Despite getting a few raised eyebrows at it's diminutive size it soon gained some converts. One chap asked me if I was going straight into the pa because he couldn't spot any bass amp.. I pointed to the small black box on the floor behind my heels and he couldn't believe his eyes/ears. That's all you're using..? WOW..!

With the gain on about 40%, master volume on about 50% and my bass on about 60% there was more than enough oomph to compete with a loud drummer and two guitars. The projection was the most pleasing thing. Sometimes you can hear your self on stage but it's quiet out front and sometimes it's the other way round. With this combo, tipped slightly back, I could hear (and feel) myself perfectly well and the sound carried right to the back of a fairly long pub.

My original misgivings about the sound being a bit harsh have completely gone - it's every bit as round, full bodied and articulate as I hoped it would be.

I'm upgrading my ratings to 5 stars and I'm almost certainly going to buy the New Yorker extension cab to lift it to a 500w rig for those bigger/outdoor gigs (or maybe to put the second cab on the other side of the stage so my keyboard player can get a taste also).

I have gone from initial disquiet about the sound to a very, very happy bass player...!

Even better to be able to just go home on the bus (didn't really, but could have..!)

Anybody want to buy an Ashdown 4x10 combo and flightcase - must have own forklift..!
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€ 777
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Direct uit voorraad leverbaar

Dit product is op voorraad en kan onmiddelijk verzonden worden.

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