Harley Benton B-650 Black Progressive Series

Guitar Rig 7 LE

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 7 LE kosteloos!

Bij aankoop van een van de geselecteerde E-Gitaren en basgitaren van Harley Benton krijgt u een exclusieve Native Instruments Guitar Rig 7 LE met virtuele amps en effecten cadeau!

6-snarige E-Bas

  • Elzenhouten body
  • Bolt-on esdoorn hals
  • Modern D-halsprofiel
  • Black walnut fretboard
  • Tai-chi fretboardinlays
  • 24 fretten
  • Scale: 864 mm (long scale)
  • Breedte nut: 51 mm
  • 2 double action trussrod
  • Pickups: 2 humbucker met actieve preamp
  • 1 balance, 1 bass, 1 treble en volume control met push/pull functie (actief/passief)
  • Zwarte hardware
  • Diecast mechanieken
  • Snaarafstnad: 16 mm
  • Standaard snaren: .032-.130
  • Finish: zwart hoogglans
Leverbaar sinds December 2013
artikelnummer 317321
verkoopseenheid 1 stuk
Basic Shape JP-Style
Colour Black
Body Alder
Neck Maple
Fretboard Black Walnut
Frets 24
Scale Longscale
Pickup System HH
Elektronic Active
Incl. Case No
Incl. Gigbag No
€ 199
Gratis verzending en incl. btw.
snel beschikbaar (ca.2-5 dagen)
snel beschikbaar (ca.2-5 dagen)

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4.6 / 5

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181 Recensies

Freddy fretless 04.01.2018
Na jaren op een 5-snarige bas gespeeld te hebben was ik op zoek naar een nieuwe uitdaging, deze heb ik gevonden in Harley Benton B-650 6-string.
Wat een goed bespeelbaar instrument is dit en dat voor deze prijs.
De hals is lekker breed maar niet te, door de snaarafstand van 16 mm bij de brug, geen fretbus en de fretten zitten er goed in (niet vals in de hogere regionen)
D.m.v. een 9V batterijtje is de bas actief en bij het uittrekken van de volumeknop passief, dit is super omdat ik ook bassen heb wanneer de batterij leeg is er geen geluid meer uit de bas komt (niet handig tijdens een gig)
Waarom 4 sterren en geen 5;
De klank is wat wollig, maar ja wat wil je van een instrument van deze prijsklasse.
-Uitstekende bas voor deze prijs
-Zeer goede bespeelbaarheid
-Actief / Passief schakelaar
-Je hebt toch iets bijzonders, reacties van,"zo heb je een 6-stringer"
Over Thomann
Bestel hier regelmatig, de voorraad is enorm vergeleken met de Nederlandse aanbieders, duurt alleen een dag langer wanneer je je product in huis hebt.
Inmiddels de tuners vervangen door Warwick exemplaren, stukken beter en zeker aan te raden.
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Evaluatie melden

Definitely worth the investment
SaWtHrOaT 03.07.2019
I bought this bass, along with some other stuff, after having read and watched some reviews. I have owned a more expensive 6 string bass before, but honestly, that one didn't play as smooth and easy as this one. I absolutely love it! When it arrived, it was still in tune and it didn't require a massive load of adjusting. There was a slight back bow in the neck but that was sorted rather quickly. The action was/is awesome! The volume control knob could have been placed a bit further from the neck pickup, but that is debatable and dependent on your style of playing. I can highly recommend this one if you want to get into 6 string basses.
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super goede bas gitaar
Marc1653 23.06.2015
Gemakkelijk bespeelbaar wegens de goed in de hand liggende arm, licht gewicht en zeer mooie klank.
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google translate gb
Helaas is er een fout opgetreden, probeert u het a.u.b. later nogmaals.
Great bass, incredible price
Tschick 04.03.2019
I've only ever played my trusty old 4 string basses, so this was a first 'toe in the water' into the land of both extended range and 'budget' basses for me. Initially I rather dismissed the lower cost end of the market after listening to the views of other musicians with more experience than me of 'entry level' priced instruments, until I stumbled upon BassTheWorld's review of the B-650 on the usual video site everyone knows, got intrigued and then checked out the reviews on here.

Although I used to gig in the past, nowadays I mainly work on recording my own tunes at home, usually overlaying multiple bass parts in a looper or DAW. A six string bass seemed a good idea to access the extended range and make separation in the mix of parts a bit easier.

Ordered Thursday and it was was delivered to my door in Scotland the following Wednesday. The outer box was pretty badly damaged in transit but Thomann had double boxed with plenty of air pillow packaging protection, so the inner box and bass were totally unscathed. I'd also communicated a few times before and during ordering via email and online chat and found Thomann to be efficient and courteous. Full marks to Thomann so far then, as far as I'm concerned.

The bass arrived without any flaws in the finish, a lovely straight neck, intonated and with a medium action. Nut slot depth just right (surprising to me for a factory instrument) and it was even very nearly in tune too. Frets are level with no sharp edges and the bass is fairly lightweight. The neck is very thin in profile, which happens to be my preference and the width very manageable due to the 16mm string spacing.

My current 4 stringers are standard 19mm, or 17.5mm at the bridge in the case of my old Rickenbackers, so I wasn't sure how I'd get on with the narrow spacing, but the 16mm or so of the B-650 actually feels very comfortable. I prefer a low action and was able to lower things a bit without fret buzz. That also required a bit of intonation adjustment with the, unfamiliar to me, monorail bridges, but once I (eventually) saw the angled grub screw partially hidden beneath the string on the black bridge pieces, that was straightforward.

A big selling point for me was the active passive pull pot, a tone knob which worked in passive mode and the bass's ability to still work even without a battery in. I was quite surprised to find that in passive mode not only does the treble roll off work but the other tone knob works as a bass roll off. Quite surprising features considering even some expensive basses don't do some of these things.
Volume knob has a smooth gradual decrease, but the tone knobs are subtle in effect over most of their travel with a big change over the last few degrees of rotation. I expect that's due to the chosen taper type of the pots, but there's plenty info online about that if you want to change the pots if you don't happen like that.
The supplied factory strings are perfectly usable, later I'll likely change them for D'Addarios of the same gauge,

The sound, as others I think have said, is 'modern' but the actives are quite transparent and noiseless. I usually lean towards using the passive mode (if there is one) on active basses, but here the active mode, to my ears, doesn't have the 'too clean' harshness I find with some actives, so it's quite usable if used. The bridge pickup is quite 'middly' in tone and you can get quite an aggressive growl from it with it's trebly edge. The neck pickup is smoother sounding and also 'fat'. The blend pot gives the expected 'scoop' at the centre detent but it occurs at quite a narrow window of rotation.
The pickups arrived at the bottom of their travel on mine, but set at the correct distance for the action the bass came with. If you want to try a super low action, depending on how you approach that, it may require a little work there. Though taking into account the cost of the bass, I don't regard that as a criticism here, that would be totally unreasonable, rather more of something to potentially be aware of if that is common (all basses at any price will have some variation).
String tone and volume balance I found to be quite even across strings.

The hardware isn't going to be the most expensive at this overall price point obviously, but it all works and the fundamental body, neck and frets are just lovely. Certainly considering the cost of the bass to begin with, there's also scope for modders to spend a bit more on it, upgrading bits if desired or simple individual fettling to preference of what's already there and end up with a very nice bass at still a modest price.
For ¤158 I'm very impressed indeed and couldn't be happier.

The BassTheWorld's video review I referred to earlier, having now experienced the bass, I agree with 100%. It's just plain fun and one of those pick it up and can't put it down instruments. I'm delighted with it and simply very glad I bought it. What more can I say.
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