Hal Leonard Mammoth Metal Guitar


Muziekboek voor E-Gitaar

  • 45 metal nummers
  • Arrangementen voor gitaar in standaard notatie en tabulatuur
  • Met akkoorden en teksten
  • Gemiddelde moeilijkheidsgraad
  • ISBN: 9781495083310
  • Format: DIN A4
  • 432 pagina's


  • Ace Of Spaces (Motörhead)
  • Bark At The Moon (Ozzy Osbourne)
  • Blood And Thunder (Mastodon)
  • Breaking The Law (Judas Priest)
  • Hangar 18 (Megadeth)
  • Cemetery Gates (Pantera)
  • Iron man (Black Sabbath)
  • Master Of Puppets (Metallica)
  • Symphony Of Destruction (Megadeth)
  • South Of Heaven (Slayer)
  • Painkiller (Judas Priest)
  • Dragula (Rob Zombie)
  • Du hast (Rammstein)
  • Down With The Sickness (Disturbed)
  • Silent Night Bodom Night (Children Of Bodom)
  • No More Tears (Ozzy Osbourne)
  • Coming Undone (Korn)
  • Rainbow In The Dark (Dio), en vele andere
Level Of Difficulty Intermediate
Incl. Notes Yes
With Tabs Yes
With Chords Yes
With Text Yes
Bonus Audio No
Bonus Video No
Country No
Folklore/Traditionals No
Jazz No
Classical Music No
Latin No
Metal Yes
Golden Oldies/Evergreens No
Pop No
Alternative No
Reggae No
Rock No
German Popular Songs No
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Helaas is er een fout opgetreden, probeert u het a.u.b. later nogmaals.
Good collection of transcriptions but the binding is annoying as hell
cubusaddendum 20.04.2020
It's a great collection, very clear, nicely laid out tabs. I had a few duplicates from other publications and noted they were the same notes, which is a relief.

It's a thick, heavy book so I struggle to keep it balanced on a music stand, and since the binding is glued means it's very hard to keep a page open without clamping it down (preventing you from turning the page easily). Spiral bound would have been MUCH better.
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