Elixir Nanoweb Custom Light Acoustic

Snarenset voor Westerngitaar

  • Dikte: 011 - 052
  • Custom Light
  • Materiaal: 80/20 Bronze
  • Anti-Rust Coating: Nano Web

Verdere informatie

of the strings 0,011" – 0,052"
Material Bronze 80/20

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Elixir Nanoweb Custom Light Acoustic
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Elixir Nanoweb Custom Light Acoustic
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€ 14,90 In het winkelmandje
Elixir Nanoweb Custom Light Phosphor
12% kocht Elixir Nanoweb Custom Light Phosphor € 15,90
Elixir Polyweb Custom Light Acoustic
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Schitterende snaren
jezzbro, 17.01.2019
Op aanraden van een vriend heb ik deze aageschaft voor m'n Ovation Custom Legend.

Positieve punten:
1. klinken helder
2. spelen fijn
3. gaan niet rafelen zoals de oudere Elixir snaren. Deze blijven mooi.
4. Gaan heel lang mee.

Negatieve punten:
misschien de prijs. Maar eigenlijk niet echt negatief gezien deze langer mee gaan dan andere snaren.
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Elixir means perfection
What to say???

Elixir is THE brand of strings you wanna choose!!!

What amazed me the first time is that regardless of the strings thickness, you will always this feeling of ease under your fingers, as if the string is able to adapt to the pressure you apply to it.

Always great comfort and smoothness with these strings, I've bought several sets already in the past, and I've never ever had to regret it, on the contrary, each and every single time I thought: "Damn, I am never buying anything else EVER!!!".

This is not my first time with a set of acoustic, and as always the satisfaction level is unbelievable.

The string are are pretty thick, and still they feel almost like playing an electric guitar with regular gauge.
The durability is unbelievable, the last set of strings I've bought for my acoustic was over 6 months ago, and when I changed them they were still perfectly in tune, and spotless thanks to their special outer protection.

The sound is great, crisp and balanced with quite some volume, really no complains on this side of things, actually incredibly happy with it, like I've never been with any other brand before!!!!

To my opinion Elixir is truly making top notch strings, and I will never buy anything else simply because of the extreme quality I get for a very reasonable price!!!

Totally recommend them!!!
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€ 14,90
Incl. btw plus € 2,50 verzending
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Direct uit voorraad leverbaar

Dit product is op voorraad en kan onmiddellijk verzonden worden.

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Dit product sharen
Uw contactpersoon
Tel: +49-9546-9223-20
Fax: +49-9546-9223-24
Online experts
Guitar Strings
Guitar Strings
Without strings, guitars and basses produce no sound, yet most players know very little about them.
Test Conclusie:
* Aanbiedingen incl. btw en geldig zo lang de voorraad strekt. Verzending €2,50flatrate binnen Nederland. Bij een bestelling vanaf 49.00€ verzenden wij GRATIS naar Nederland. Voor drukfouten en vergissingen wordt geen aansprakelijkheid genomen. *UVP=Adviesprijs van de fabrikant is niet bindend.
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