Cosmic Energy Movement Verlag Guitar Solo


Coursebook for Guitar

  • Specially designed for learning guitar solos
  • For all genres, including rock, blues, pop and heavy metal
  • For beginners and advanced players alike
  • With exercises on power chords, pentatonic, diatonic, triads, inversions, chord progressions etc.
  • Easy to advanced level of difficulty
  • ISBN: 9783947180325
  • Format: DIN A4
  • 1104 Pages
  • In German and English language
  • Includes an appendix with coloured diagrams
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Harmony Yes
Scales/Pentatonic Yes
Rhythm theory No
Improvisation Yes
Rock/Metal Yes
Jazz Yes
Blues Yes
Pedal/Lapsteel No
Country No
Fingerpicking No
Funk/Soul No
Etudes/Exercises Yes
Folk No
Flamenco No
Language German
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This book is a game changer
Sam_pat 15.03.2022
I have had the Guitar Solo for a few weeks now and the book has expanded my horizon on guitar scales, modes, etc, and indeed, my knowledge of the fretboard has increased appreciably. Needless to say that my solos are now making sense to me ):. It will be very good if the publishers of this book will open an online platform where the exercises will be shown to the readers. This will be appreciated.
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