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Jensen P10R Alnico Vintage 8Ohm
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the t.mix mix 802 B-Stock
the t.mix mix 802 B-Stock
B-Stock, the t.mix mix 802 8 channel mixer with 4 microphone inputs with switchable phantom power, 3 band EQ and balance, 2 stereo inputs, each with 2 jack inputs and 3-band EQ, master output via 2x Jack, CTRL. Room output, additional input via RCA (2Track...
€ 64
Rolls MX 36
Rolls MX 36
Rolls MX 36, Cam-Mix is a two channel microphone mixer. Although having many uses, this little mixer was originally designed with the video camera operator in mind. Easy-access microphone Level and Pan controls, and smart Input/Output jack placement make the MX36 ideal for the live...
€ 279
€ 332,01
Behringer Xenyx Q1002 USB B-Stock
Behringer Xenyx Q1002 USB B-Stock
  • 10 Kanalen mengpaneel
  • 2 Mic Inputs met 48 Volt Fantoompower en Compressor
  • 3 Band EQ
€ 79
€ 124,95
Rolls MX 310
Rolls MX 310
Driekanaals microfoon-mixer
  • Met phantom power
  • XLR mic/line uitgang
  • 3,5 mm stereo aux jack-ingang en 3,5 mm stereo-uitgang voor hoofdtelefoons of aansluiting op computer
€ 195
€ 259,42
Allen & Heath WZ4 12:2 B-Stock
Allen & Heath WZ4 12:2 B-Stock
  • 8 mono inputs met insert, Direct Out, Pad, 80 Hz high-pass, 4-band EQ met parametrische mids, 48V fantoomvoeding, PFL, mute en 6 aux sends (1-4 schakelbare pre / post, 5 en 6 post)
  • Aux 5 en 6 in te zetten als een interne effect send
  • 2 stereo aux returns
€ 849
€ 1.149
Rolls DB 227
Rolls DB 227
Rolls DB 227, passive Podcast-Pro Mic-/Line-Mixer with Mic (XLR) and Line (Cinch od. 3,5mm Klinke) Input. each channel with mute, Line-Channel with volume control. Output (symm XLR) and Ground-Lift, Keine Spannungsversorgung erforderlich
€ 139
€ 177,31
Alto ZMX 862 B-Stock
Alto ZMX 862 B-Stock
B-Stock, Alto ZMX 862, compact 6-channel mixer, 8 inputs, 2 mic inputs with gilded XLR and balanced line inputs, 2 stereo inputs mit balanced TRS jack plugs, 3 band EQ each channel, 2 aux sends pre-channel for external effects and monitoring, main outputs, control room...
€ 82
€ 118,99
Phonic AM 85
Phonic AM 85
Phonic AM 85, 2-Mic/Line 2-Stereo Compact Mixer, 2 mic/line inputs with 3-band EQ, 2 stereo inputs, Stereo AUX return, Post-fader EFX send on every input, Global +48V phantom power, Peak and VU Metering, Peak indicators on each mono input channel, 2T RTN assignable individually to...
€ 59
Behringer Xenyx QX 2222 USB B-Stock
Behringer Xenyx QX 2222 USB B-Stock
B-Stock met volledige garantie
  • 22 kanaals mengpaneel met 60 mm faders
  • 8 Mic inputs met +48 Volt phantom-power en 75 Hz Lowcut
  • Compressor per microfoon-kanaal
€ 275
€ 453,39
Formula Sound FF6.2 R
Formula Sound FF6.2 R
Formula Sound FF6.2 R, 6 Channel Mixer, rotary Faders for Volume, 2 Microfon Inputs / 2 balanced Stereo Line Inputs, 4 x Phono / Line Input, 2 selectable Inputs, 4 Band EQ, 2x Aux, LED Meter, High- and Low pass filter per Channel, XLR Master...
€ 3.990
LD Systems VIBZ 10 C B-Stock
LD Systems VIBZ 10 C B-Stock
B-Stock, LD Systems VIBZ 10 DC, 10 channel mixer with internal compressor, 4x microphone/Line Input with 3-band EQ, channel 1+2 with compressor, channel 3+4 with mic input or stereo input, 2 stereo input jack and RCA with 2-Band EQ, Stereo-Return jack, RCA 2-Track in/out, switchable...
€ 148
€ 199
Mackie DL 806 Lightning B-Stock
Mackie DL 806 Lightning B-Stock
Mackie DL 806 Lightning Mixer Dock
  • Mixer Dock voor Apple iPad
  • 8 mic inputs
  • 4 aux wegen
€ 499
€ 867,51
Line6 StageScape M20d B-Stock
Line6 StageScape M20d B-Stock
B-Stock, Line6 StageScape M20d, digital Smart Mixer with intelligent and automatic operation, 12 auto gain XLR microphone inputs, 4 Line-Ins with automatic signal identification, 2 digital inputs for Streaming from Computer-Signales, a USB-Stick or a SD- Card, Stereo-Line-Inputs, 4 auto gain XLR Wedge outs, 2...
€ 1.111
€ 1.653
Phonic Celeus 600 B-Stock
Phonic Celeus 600 B-Stock
B-Stock, Phonic Celeus 600, 12 channel analog mixer with built-in digital effects, USB interface, USB recorder/player, and Bluetooth audio streaming, Audiophile-quality mic preamps with ultra low-noise performance and super-wide 20Hz-100kHz bandwidth from input to any output, 4 mono mic inputs, 2 mono mic/stereo line inputs,...
€ 259
Rolls MX 44s B-Stock
Rolls MX 44s B-Stock
B-Stock, Rolls MX 44s, Minimix IV, 4 Stereo Inputs, (6,3mm/3,5-mm-Klinke), Stereo Outputs (6,3mm/3,5-mm-Klinke),4Line-/Instrumenten Inputs, Battery powered, B-Stock with full warranty, may have slight traces of use
€ 115
€ 153,51
Presonus StudioLive AR8 USB Case Bundle
Presonus StudioLive AR8 USB Case Bundle
bestaande uit:
€ 529
€ 603
RCF L-PAD 8cx B-Stock
RCF L-PAD 8cx B-Stock
B-Stock, RCF L-PAD 8cx, 8 channel Mixer, 4 Mono Mic inputs with 3 Band EQ, 2 Compressors (Ch. 1-2), 3 Stereo inputs with 2 Band EQ,Internal Digital Effects with 99 presets, 1FX Send, external power supply, +48V Phantompower, optional available card for MP Player (349770),...
€ 165
€ 218
the t.mix mix 1402FX
the t.mix mix 1402FX
the t.mix mix 1402FX 14 channel mixer with built-In FX processor, 4 microphone inputs with switchable Phantompeisung, 3 band EQ and balance, 2 stereo inputs, master output via 2x XLR, CTRL. Room output, additional input via RCA (2Track in / out), separately Adjustable headphone output,...
€ 189
ART USB Mix B-Stock
ART USB Mix B-Stock
B-Stock, ART USB Mix, 3-Channel Mixer and USB Audio-Interface, Inputs: Balanced 1/4" TRS inputs for stereo or mono line-level sources, balanced XLR Mic or unbalanced 1/4" Instrument inputs with switchable impedance, wwitchable +48V phantom power, Outputs: 1/4" TRS output jacks (work with balanced or unbalanced...
€ 88
€ 110

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