Botex PSA 322-6-TR1 DL

Power Distributor 32 A with Digital Meter

  • Illuminated display with indication of the available voltage per phase, current per phase, active power per phase, mains frequency in Hz, apparent power and reactive power
  • Integrated electricity meter (in kWh)
  • Rear outputs per phase: 2x Safety plugs and 2x Power twist TR1
  • 32 A / 400 V device sockets
  • Input: CEE 32 A / 400 V plug with cable (H07RN-F 5G6mm²)
  • Fuses: 6x RCBO C16
  • LED Display for applied voltage per phase
  • Design: 19" / 3 U
  • Dimensions without plug (W x H x D): 482 x 133 x 227 mm
Input CEE32A
Shockproof Sockets 6
CEE16A Dosen 0
CEE32A Sockets 1
Loadability 32 A
Circuit Breaker Yes
Fuse(s) 6x RCBO C16A
Switch No
Rack format Yes
Mounting height 3 U
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direct leverbaar

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