Behringer TD-3-RD

Analoge Bass Line Synthesizer

  • Volledig analoog signaalpad van VCO, VCF en VCA
  • VCO schakelbaar tussen zaagtand en blokgolf
  • 4-polig lowpassfilter met resonantie
  • VCF Envelope Intensity en Envelope Decay instelbaar
  • Instelbaar accent
  • Geïntegreerde vervorming met toonregeling
  • 16-step sequencer met 250 geheugenplaatsen voor patronen
  • Poly-chaining van maximaal 16 apparaten mogelijk
  • Audio-ingang voor geluidsverwerking van externe bronnen: 3,5 mm-aansluiting
  • Sync- en CV / gate-uitgangen: 3,5 mm-aansluiting
  • Stereo koptelefoonuitgang: 3,5 mm jack
  • Lijnuitgang: 6,3 mm jack
  • USB-MIDI en MIDI In / Out
  • Kleur: rood
  • Incl. voeding (9 V DC)

Verdere informatie

Design Desktop
Polyphony 1
Sound Generation Analogue
Storage Medium Internal
USB-port Yes
Effects Yes
Arpeggiator Yes
Number of Analog Outputs 1
Digital Output No
Display No

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Only, and best, commercial clone at this price point
Miskatonic, 10.12.2019
If you are searching for a hardware 303 clone, this is an absolute no brainer. At the price point, there's nothing else that comes close.

A few friends have spoken to me about being "concerned" by the price, which seems strange but it is substantially cheaper than other 303 clones. However, the parts inside are 1980's spec so, realistically, these things are no longer expensive. You're paying, usually, for R&D or the privilege of owning such a thing. Behringer cut this out the equation by producing in vast quantities. This can result in low standard product, or bad quality control, but so far I've had zero problems with this, so have no reason to question the quality.

Also, bear in mind that the original 303 was very "toylike" in feel, so it clones that nicely, too.

With regards to sound, it's extremely faithful. Perhaps not oscilloscope to the nth degree faithful but, having used multiple hardware 303 units and clones in the past (as well as still owning several), I'd say that this sounds pretty much spot on. Obviously there are variances in sound, especially when taking the original 303 units into account, but this covers the spectrum I expect from a "stock" 303.

On the "stock" point, it's also worth noting that, unlike the recent digital 303 clones from roland, this contains much the same circuitry (parts only swapped out if no longer available with appropriate like for like) so it can technically be modded in the same way as the original, which is fantastic. On opening the case you're immediately greeted with trimmer pots and suchlike (don't mess with these if you don't know what you're doing, though) and other board traces and components, while much smaller than their 80's counterparts, all look accessible. I'd say maybe the pitch slide is a tiny bit faster than the original, but that could potentially be fixed as I believe the slide can be modded on the original.

With regard to mods, this has one already - built in distortion. It is nice enough but perhaps not quite as extreme as I'd like, personally. It's a matter of taste, though. I tend to use desk distortion, anyway, but the option is handy to have built into the unit. I think it's a Boss DS-1 clone circuit, but not 100% sure.

Sequencer and all that you'd expect from the original unit is all there. Apparently there's an arpeggio mode, too, but I've not looked into that. It's not obvious on the faceplate, so presumably has something to do with the usb connectivity.

Speaking of which, you can use said connectivity to make patterns on the pc which can be sent to the internal memory of the device, which is helpful for converting old midi acid lines from other equipment (or just if you prefer using a pc to write the patterns). I prefer to sequence traditional 303 style so don't really use the USB software, but it seems to be quite exhaustive, in as much as one could expect for a synth where most is already "on the surface"

For the price, this is really a steal. I commend Behringer for not pulling the wool over consumers eyes and pushing fun over fashion, as they could easily have charged double for most of the equipment they've been releasing of late.

If you want/need more bass and/or acid in your studio then don't even think twice about buying this. DO IT! Also, at this price point, it becomes a cool and "fun" instrument for younger kids and also a talking point or whatever. Stick it through a reverb pedal into your hifi and just have it rumbling along. Tweak it every 3 hours or so. Instant TRON ambience for your house :p BUY!
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gb Automatisch vertaald (Origineel tonen)
gbOriginele review (Vertaling tonen)
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Acid Enough
CDS18, 09.01.2020
Almost Perfect but no ba662 chip clone inside it.
Enjoying it so far!
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