ASM Hydrasynth Keyboard

Digitale Wavemorphing-synthesizer

  • 49 velocity-sensitive toetsen met aftertouch
  • 8 parts - monotimbral
  • Volledige polyfone aftertouch
  • Arpeggiator inclusief Ratchet, Chance, Gate time & Swing (8 modi)
  • 3 oscillatoren met 219 Single-Cycle-golfvormen
  • WaveScan-parameters voor moduleren via wavetables
  • Wavelist-mode voor het mixen van maximaal 8 wavetables
  • 8 aangepaste Wavelists per oscillator
  • Mixer inclusief ruisgenerator en ringmodulator
  • 2 filters - serieel of parallel
  • Filter 1 inclusief 11 verschillende filtermodellen (12 & 24 dB ladder, vintage ladder, HP, LP, Vocal etc.)
  • Filter 2: 12 dB (SEM-stijl) per octaaf incl. continuous sweep van lowpass naar bandpass naar highpass
  • 4 Octave Ribbon Controller (67 cm) met Theremin-modus
  • Modulatiematrix
  • 5 DAHDSR-envelopes
  • 5 LFO's
  • LFO's incl. Delay, fade in, 3 trigger modes, smoothing, start phase, one-shot mode
  • 5 banks van elk 128 patches - inclusief 256 fabriekspatches
  • CV gate ingangen en uitgangen
  • Ondersteuning van alle huidige CV / GATE-normen
  • 8 encoders met hoge resolutie inclusief LED-ringen
  • USB (USB MIDI In / Out)
  • Pre- en post-effecten voor unieke geluidsverwerking
  • Afmetingen: 800 x 350 x 103 mm
  • Gewicht: 10 kg

Verdere informatie

Number Of Keys 49
Touch-Sensitive Yes
Aftertouch Yes
Split Zones No
Modulation Wheel Yes
Number of simultaneous Voices 8
Sound Engine Digital
MIDI interface 1x In, 1x Out, 1x Thru
Storage Medium None
USB-port Yes
Effects Yes
Arpeggiator Yes
Number of Analog Outputs 2
Digital Output No
Display Yes

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Studio Speets, 05.08.2020
Kleine kans dat je voor dit bedrag een betere synth gaat vinden. Het aantal functionaliteiten/mogelijkheden is ongekend, bediening is erg intuïtief en het geluid is ook geweldig. Ook al is het een digitale synth, er zijn genoeg opties om de klanken analoger te laten klinken.

Stevige knoppen die aardig wat weerstand bieden bij het draaien, geweldig keybed (met poly aftertouch!) en fijne push buttons. De synth voelt "chunky" aan en heeft een imposante uitstraling.

Dikke aanrader!
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The perfect synth for me!
Evgeni, 07.06.2020
I'm relatively new to sound synthesis. I've had a Roland SE-02 and a Behringer Poly D before, both copies of Moog Minimoog and I sold them. I also own a Yamaha MODX6 which is a FM and sample-based synth that sounds fantastic but is really hard to program. I also use a lot of software synths and am kind of familiar with synth basics and how to program a synth. All that being said, I found that with the two Minimoog copies I couldn't achieve a huge variety of sounds. The MODX is much better but is pretty unintuitive and I'm still struggling remembering where is what and how to achieve this and that. I haven't managed to create new sounds with it that I like, although the factory ones are very good and cover almost anything, so it's not such a problem.

With that background in mind, Hydrasynth comes as a huge surprise to me! I was able to start programming it right away, all is laid out in front of you, you have direct buttons for every module and function. It can sound very warm and analog due to analog emulation parameters. I could recreate Moog type of patches easily and they sound equally warm and analog, despite the synth being entirely digital. But then, it also offers multiple filter emulations that change the sound drastically, there are 5 LFO-s and 5 envelopes, the mod matrix can connect almost anything, the mutators are an intuitive, yet powerful way to change the sound. The possibilities are endless and just going through the factory patches one can see how vast is the sonic palette of the synth: from harsh, metallic, industrial style of patches to classic analog warm sounds. The effects are also very good.

But the best thing about it is the polyphonic aftertouch. It's the first synth with poly AT I have and I am in absolute awe! As a pianist I realize poly AT was the missing ingredient I've had with other synths. It really makes it sound like a real thing, like an instrument, not like a machine. And then the ribbon which is also a wonderful way to add expression!

I would be very hard-pressed to find any faults with the Hydra. It's almost perfect. One thing though, that I'd like to see improved is to be able to see more easily the effective values of parameters when using macros. The macros are a way to introduce offsets to multiple values of certain parameters, however when editing the corresponding destination parameters, it's not obvious that the currently audible sound is a result of an offset applied to the parameter and not the value you see on the screen and that can be confusing. I guess that can be easily improved with a future firmware update.

Another feature I miss is having audio transmitted through USB. On the MODX I can record straight into the DAW using only USB cable for both MIDI and audio, without a need for redundant external audio interface introducing noise and distortions.

Ultimately, for the price it's one of the best synths on the market.
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