Arturia MiniLab 3 White


USB Controller Keyboard

  • 25 Aanslaggevoelige slim keys
  • 2 Touch sensors voor pitch bend en modulatie
  • Knoppen voor octave en transpose
  • 8 Aanslag- en drukgevoelige pads met RGB-verlichting
  • 8 Toewijsbare encoders en 4 faders
  • OLED-display met encoder
  • Hold- en chord-modus
  • Geïntegreerde arpeggiator
  • Geheugenplaatsen voor 8 DAW en user presets
  • Pedaalingang voor sustain, expressie of voetschakelaar: 6,3 mm Jack
  • MIDI Out
  • USB-C-poort
  • USB bus-powered
  • Afmetingen (B x D x H): 355 x 220 x 50 mm
  • Gewicht: 1,5 kg
  • Kleur: Wit
  • Incl. USB-kabel, Ableton Live Lite, Analog Lab Intro, NI The Gentleman, UVI Model D (download)
Leverbaar sinds Oktober 2022
artikelnummer 553717
verkoopseenheid 1 stuk
Aftertouch No
Pitch Bend / Modulation Yes
Rotary Encoder 8
Fader (Amount) 4
Pads 8
Display Yes
MIDI interface 1x Out
Sustain Pedal Connection Yes
USB-port Yes
Mains Operation No
Battery Operation No
Bus-Powered Yes
Width in mm 355 mm
Height in mm 50 mm
Depth in mm 220 mm
Weight in kg 1,5 kg
Special Features -
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In 1-2 weken beschikbaar

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Beware: Infinite knobs can only go from 0-127
JohnnyGuitar 29.11.2022
I just can't believe they put infinite knobs on it without letting you select Relative mode.

To configure the behaviour of knobs you need to connect the device with Arturia's Midi Control Center, which doesn't work properly on windows 8.1. I needed to install a Virtual Machine with Windows 10 on my PC just to be able to configure the Minilab 3. Very frustrating

"Endless encoder: Yes, that's right, the Minilab 3 relies on higher-quality endless encoders -- not a matter of course in this price range."

Yeah, physically endless. In terms of MIDI they end at 0 and 127. What's the point? It's very frustrating that Arturia did not include a way to set them to Relative mode.

Based on the completely non-functioning software and this joke of 0-127 infinite knobs I'll have to give it a One star rating and a big warning to the potential buyer.
This is a disaster of a release. With Minilab 3 you are paying to be a beta tester for Arturia. They just had to get this out quickly before the holidays.

Ironically in the win7+ version of the installer they packaged a win10 version of the MIDI drivers. So even the file packaging is wrong. It's frustration from the beginning to the end. I only managed to get it working because I grew up with computers and troubleshooting them. Some more normal people would just have a completely dysfunctional product.
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