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AKG DMS300 Vocal Set P5


Digital Wireless System Set for Vocals and Speech

  • Set consists of a receiver and transmitter with a dynamic capsule
  • No license is required and no charges are incurred when used anywhere in the world (2.4 GHz)
  • Up to 12 hours of operation for the pocket transmitter with 2 x AA batteries
  • High-quality sound via the uncompressed 24-bit/48 kHz wireless transmission
  • Automatic frequency adjustment facilitates the search for free channels
  • AES 256-bit encryption provides effective privacy for confidential environments
  • Easy to operate, unpack and get started (Plug and Play)
  • Simultaneous operation of up to 8 wireless systems
  • Range: Max. 30 m
  • Dimensions of the SR300: 200 x 165 x 44 mm
  • Weight of the SR300: 0.358 kg
  • Dimensions of the HT300: 51 x 250 mm
  • Weight of the HT300: 0.297 kg
Transmission technology digital
Channels Handheld Transmitter 1
Capsule Type Dynamic
Pattern Super Cardioid
Receiver Type Stationary
Frequency 2400 MHz
Output XLR
Charging System No
Integrated Battery No
Leverbaar sinds November 2019
artikelnummer 478206
Diversity 1
Receiver Width in mm 200 mm
Receiver Height in mm 44 mm
Frequency from 2400 MHz
Receiver Depth in mm 183 mm
Frequency to 2400 MHz
Receiver Weight in kg 0,4 kg
Selectable Frequencies 0
Removable Antenna No
Battery Status Monitor 1
Rackkit Optional
Rackkit (Art. No.) 162414
Antenna Rackmount Kit No
Splitter No
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€ 399
Gratis verzending en incl. btw.
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Op aanvraag

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Almost perfect
Mathew1 28.11.2019
It seems I am the first one to give a feedback so let me begin with the weak points:
1. First, I would like to have some kind of a case to put this whole equipment in, just as it is assembled and ready-for-use. Because the box that comes with the delivery is not good for this purpose. If you are a normal singer you wouldn’t like to assemble the antennas or the different parts of the charger before every concert, risking to annoy the audience or the other members of the band.
2. Sometimes, when you are using the balanced XLR output a horrible noise is heard from the amplifiers while the Transmitter and the Receiver are pairing! It seems that both the devices are trying to find the best possible frequency but while they are doing it your ears could be seriously tortured. The same horrible noise is heard even if you mute and unmute the microphone! Which means that in some situations it is better to keep the microphone unmuted instead of risking to piss all the people around :( Of course, that wasn’t mentioned by the manufacturer. I didn’t find the same problem while using the unbalanced output but still I prefer using the XLR one for several reasons.
3. The switch for -30dB is practically useless since the level of the sound is quite low. If you are using the balanced XLR output and you set the device to 0dB then the amplification is a lot better. But if you are using the unbalanced output… well… almost nothing is heard :) Some people could argue about this but personally, I would prefer a little more pre-amplification especially if it is a digital microphone and you don’t know in advance where you would have to plug it in ;)
Enough for the bad sides. Now let me continue with the compliments:
1. The sound is perfect! The best possible quality from AKG! Some friends tell me that my voice sounds better through this microphone than it sounds for real. If you like microphones, which provide nice deep sound then I really recommend you to buy this one ;)
2. The Transmitter is relatively light in weight (even if the batteries are inlcuded) and well-balanced in your hand. This is important especially, if you need to hold it for more than an hour. The same could be said about the Receiver – it is solid but still quite light and easy-to-use. So well done AKG!
3. Again, the fact that the Transmitter is well-balanced allows it to be positioned vertically anywhere. This feature is quite useful because often there is not much space for the equipment on the stage or in the venue. Most of the other wireless microphones could only be positioned horizontally, which is boring in many situations.
4. The power/mute button on the Transmitter is well-placed. You need to press and hold it for a while if you want to mute or disable the microphone. That’s very nice because there is no danger to accidentally mute it. Bravo AKG!
5. If we exclude the problem with the above-mentioned horrible sound I had no other problems with connectivity or interference. I have used this microphone in different environments with several wi-fi or Bluetooth emissions but still it was working well… at least for me.
Some proposals for future improvements:
I would recommend to add some audio effects (as reverb, echo, de-esser, compression or equalizer) in the Receiver. I believe it’s good to have all these features in one place.
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