TonePros AVR2P N Tune-O-Matic Bridge


Tune-O-Matic bridge for electric guitar

  • A direct replacement for vintage ABR-1 style bridge
  • Notched saddles
  • It fits most vintage and reissue USA guitars without modifications
  • Longer and improved sustain
  • It allows exact adjustment of the string action and scale length due to lockable saddles
  • A wider intonation range than vintage parts
  • Bolt spacing: 73.6 mm (2.897")
  • String spacing: 51.65 mm (2.033")
  • Finish: Nickel
  • Incl. Allen key
In catalogo dal Aprile 2021
Numero di articolo 517607
Unitá incluse 1 Pezzo
Colour Nickel
Design ABR-1
Single Rider Yes
String Holder No
€ 66
IVA inclusa, € 15 di di costi di spedizione aggiuntivi aggiuntivi

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Solid and secure
HappyTree 08.01.2022
A quality replacement for the vintage Gibson bridge. The one on my reissue is fine, but it's not fixed so it's easy to nudge the action wheels when replacing strings. I don't want to have to worry about my action every time I do that, so this bridge is an upgrade in that it fixes in position. Much more convenient and looks the part as well!
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