TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150 B-Stock

B-Stock with full warrantySlight traces of use

Stage Vocal Monitoring

  • 6.5 "2-way stage monitor with vocal effects section
  • Integrated 3-band equalizer, compressor, de-esser, gate and Reverb
  • 150 Watt amplifier output
  • Integrated Digital 3-channel mixer with Vocal Processing Technology
  • One Click mic stand
  • Support Mic Control
  • Weight: 3 kg


  • 2x XLR / TRS combo input with automatic Mic / Line signal switching
  • Hi-Z instrument switches for channel 1
  • XLR output and XLR Thru (for looping the unprocessed monitor signal)
  • AUX input 3.5mm mini-jack stereo
  • 48V phantom power
  • Micro-USB connector

Ulteriori informazioni

Multifunctional Housing Yes
Woofer size 1x 6,5"
Tweeter, 1" and Larger No
Microphone Input Yes
Line Inputs Yes
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Monitor-PA-Guitar Amp- Bass Amp (yes!)

Martyn T., 04.09.2015
This little baby weighs in at 3 kg and its dimensions are (approx) 295 x 205 x 170 mm.
For a 150 watt amp that's light and that's small. And most importantly, it's good- VERY GOOD INDEED.

The only thing I can crib about is the external power supply, as that's just one more thing to pack up (or lose!). But I suppose that keeps the main unit weight down, and I can see the commercial reasons for TC going down that route.

If you are considering this unit, it's worth downloading the manual to fully appreciate its many features. Just one point I would add- the edit control adjusts whichever button is selected. The selected button lights up, and the edit control can travel through about 2.5 complete turns, and is surrounded by a ring of leds which each have 4 degrees of brightness- and more than one led can be on at a time, so the degree of control is remarkable. And of course on a dark stage, the leds are invaluable.

It has 4 distinct uses, all with good quality sound;

1. As a 'foldback' monitor, where it can be floor mounted with the choice of 2 angles, or mounted on your mike stand- where the controls are within easy reach.

2. As a PA. With only 150 watts available its obviously only for smaller venues, or for a useful sidefill. Alternatively, we have successfully used it to augment a Fishman SA220- at a much lower cost than buying another Fishman!
My only reservation is that it is intended to be mounted on top of a mic stand for PA use, using a supplied boss which screws in in place of a mike holder. I definitely wouldn't use a flimsy mike stand, and I wouldn't use it on a mike stand where the public can knock it- this is simply because mike stands don't really have wide basses. I solved the problem by using a photographic tripod dolly, which gave it a much wider and sturdier base.

3, As a guitar amplifier. With 2 hi/low impedance inputs available, it's fine for running a mike and guitar in say a small folk venue. But there's no reason why you can't just put it on the floor, angled up as a straightforward guitar amplifier. As it's fundamentally a monitor/pa, both the amplifier section and the speakers are designed to be clean (although reverb is available), it really most suitable for electro acoustics. But for e guitar use, and for only 33 euros you could add a Behringer V-amp, and add the sound of many classic amps, plus many stomp boxes. In this context, I am not trying to address how accurate the modelling is (although imo its not at all bad) but it is a cheap and effective route to providing an electric sound.

It's build quality is right, it's sound is excellent, and it's just so versatile.
Definitely 5 stars all round !
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