Schagerl Apredato 7C Gold

Mouthpiece for Trumpet

  • Inner diameter: 16.20 mm
  • Bore: 3.66 mm
  • Medium deep cup
  • Gold-plated

Note: To fill the mouthpiece, open the bell to the stop screw (counter-clockwise) and fill completely with water. Now swivel the mouthpiece (shaft and bell should touch the worktop) and let excess water run out. While maintaining the angle, screw the bell back in clockwise.

Please note: Do not tighten the bell all the way, there should be a small gap between the rim and the bell. The water should be renewed regularly.

In catalogo dal Settembre 2019
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Cup Depth Medium Deep
Cup Diameter 16,2 mm
Finish Gold Plated
€ 251
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