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These days, musicians are experiencing the increasing complexity of their instruments and devices at first hand - regain some of the control you've lost!


Everybody wants to rule the world..., those were the lyrics of "Tears for Fears" at the close of the last millennium. Unbridled control in the political sphere, daily life with navigation technology, the dishwasher with the display of the time remaining - people want to gain influence or regain control in all areas of their lives. Musicians, too, experience the increasing complexity of their instruments at the devices at first hand. However, there's some good news: with specially constructed controllers, they can tame and get a grip on many a process. High time, therefore, to have a look at the new category of "controllers".

Our online guide extends over several pages. You can navigate to any topic you are interested in by clicking the link in the index at the bottom of this page.

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