Nobels ODR-1

Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar

  • Overdrive
  • Especially suitable for rock and blues sounds
  • Controls for Drive, Spectrum and Level
  • Input for "Remote Switch"
  • Metal housing
  • Incl. 4 mounting plates
  • Power supply with 9 V battery (optional: Article Nr 417473) or 9-12 V power supply (optional: Article Nr 233089)
  • Connecting a 12 V power supply provides more headroom
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Esempi audio

  • Bluesrock Off/On
  • Blues Off/On
  • Country Off/On
  • Fuzzline 1 Off/On
  • Fuzzline 2 Off/On
  • Fuzzline 3 Off/On
  • Rock 1 Off/On
  • Rock 2 Off/On
  • Stoner Off/On
  • Mostra altre

Ulteriori informazioni

Overdrive Yes
Distortion No
Fuzz No
Metal No

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Nobels ODR-1
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Nobels ODR-1
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guitarstory, 20.01.2018
Uno degli Overdrive più belli mai avuti sotto mano! si rifà (come quasi tutti gli overdrive) allo storico Ts9 ma con diverse migliorie:
1 - Non viene stravolta l'equalizzazione (a differenza del Ts9)
2 - Il controllo ''Spectrum'' lavora molto bene e si riescono ad ottenere diversi timbri utilizzabili in più generi
3 - Rapporto qualità/prezzo

Mi sento di consigliarlo a tutti quelli alla ricerca di un suono molto naturale e ben bilanciato!
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Texas Session players choice
Xxlguru, 07.10.2018
Well I bought it because Tim Pierce sold it to me :)
Also it is secret weapon of Texas Session players. So one more drive why not.
Well this new re-issue is not same as the old one but it ain't bad either. Sett drive on 3 and do same on the old one and gain is very different. I find it good for Single coil pickups. It is a full range overdrive with not your usual EQ. It does not shelf lows. Spectrum button is kind of changing more things at once but you can find your sound with it. Need to fiddle with it though. It works good as base low OD sound. Like amp on clean than this for main gain stage and for more just shoot some Klone clone or TS808 into it for more gain. Gain structure gets richer. If you need to shelf lows use TS808 in front of it. Use clean boost after it to rise volume for solos. Usable drive sound. Not my main sound though. In front of it use Soulfood or Maxon OD808 depending what I want to achieve. Both work good with it.
My OD's are in the looper and my boosts are in front of the looper. 8 pedals looper and use 4 spots for OD's. so What ever of the 4 I choose I can do stuff before it and behind it. Stacking gain way I want it.
Nobels ODR-1 warmed up to me specially after stacking gains. First I thought it was useless to me. Not sure did it earned permanent place though.

Great build quality. Specific sound. Very usable. BTW this re-issue goes from OD to even beginning of the distortion. Bit more that I was expecting. It is not a high gain machine .

Try it and give it some time and context. You might be surprised.

Small update.

I do not use it any more without TS in front of it. Simply TS and ODR-1 are made for each other. Perfect match. Need solo boost, than do clean boost after it. Do not use TS just to add gain as clean boost (not only at least) use it as EQ pedal. With TS it just sounds so much better. Cuts true the mix and shapes it to right frequency spectrum.
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€ 98
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Disponibilità immediata

Questo articolo è disponibile in magazino e può essere spedito a breve.

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