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Ibanez M80M Meshuggah

8-String electric guitar

  • Meshuggah Signature model
  • Body: Ash
  • 5-Ply maple / walnut neck with KTS TITANIUM reinforcement
  • Length: 747 mm
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • 24 Frets
  • Pickup: 1 Lundgren M8P humbucker
  • FX Edge III-8 bridge
  • Hardware: Black
  • Factory Tuning: 1D #, 2A #, 3F #, 4C #, 5G #, 6D #, 7A #, 8F
  • Finish: Open pore
  • Colour: Black
  • Includes case
  • Matching string set: Art.279493

Ulteriori informazioni

Artist Fredrik Thordendal
Colour Black
Style ST-Style
Body Ash
Neck Maple, Walnut
Fretboard Rosewood
Frets 24
Scale 747 mm
Pickups H
Tremolo FR-Style
Incl. Case Yes
Incl. Bag No
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5 / 5.0
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The best guitar on the market - minimalistic, yet smart

The Ibanez M80M is nothing like your "typical guitar" by any description. Gone are the terrifying fret "dot" markers, the unnecessary Neck pickup (that no one uses) the cramped, generic 25.5 scale, the fiddly diddly switches, the plague of knobs that most guitars have been subjected to during their construction. The M80M addresses "typical guitar" flaws to give you something that looks and plays better than your dreams. Not forgetting the hardcase it comes in seems remarkably well made with many pockets for storing accessories, cables, picks and what have you, The case itself is something I could celebrate. I was like a little kid again at christmas time. Inside the case the "new smell" was very nice and then we get to the best bit, the guitar/ the beautiful edges of the M80M body, the smart woody finish, the locking nut and edge 3 bridge is effortlessly cool, the rare and articulate Lundren M8 pickup, not to mention 29.4 inches of scale are extremely rare to find in a guitar, until now. I wasn't just impressed, I was overwhelmed, I finnally have something I have wanted since 2008!

8 strings have finnally broke into the mainstream and have been improving ever since Ibanez broke new ground and explored new depths with the original RG2228. The M80M is stylized after a "metal guitar" but pertains to be so much more than it's stigma.

8 strings is not a new concept nor is "baritone" but in electric guitars it's a world first and has been improving ever since. the extended scale gives the bottom low E or F more resonance, more tone and more tension, this is all thanks to the design. Also a big thankyou to not only the guitarists of highly famed Meshuggah, but also Thomann for the helpful, fast, professional service and delivery. this "affordable" version of their custom model M8M (costing a hefty 5000 dollars or so) has brought joy to many, including myself, who are perhaps middle class and not cash-rich.

We are witnessing something out of the ordinary, The Ibanez M80M was clearly worth every single penny of my money, and it will be for you to, you have to see it in person to believe it! this monumental purchase will be something I pass on for future generations. The wonderful low action of the strings means fingering behind the fret wire is so much easier, the wider neck is not daunting at all and actually seemed more natural for my big hands. I think I have improved as a player simply because I escaped "begginner guitar" range which can make me dis-interested and the M80M quality means there are no obstacles anymore, save up some money and invest in your future as a player and don't be afraid to buy the guitar and use Thomann to provide the service.
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Great guitar for a low tuning range music

Nice sounding guitar, great tuning stability and very good assembling quality.

The cons can be a little bit a tricky scale, its a huge 29.4 which almost feels like bass freats when youre going for powerchords and some dissonance chords - its not that easy at all to play.

Also pay attention for only one bridge pickup and only two knobs! It may not suit the shredders needs and guys who loves a huge versatility in guitar sound whic can be provided by two humbuckers and selection between them.

Though its perfect for rhythmic style of playing and chuggy riffs.

For the pros - wood and electronics are also nice, very penetrating and clear sounding even at the extreme levels of gain.

Neck is wide but feels perfect in your hands.The guitar is not so heavy and there is no neckdive at all!

Tuning and tension are always balanced, the Ibanez fixed bridge is sturdy built, the tuners are fine.
Im using the 80 and 70 and 65 sets for 8 string and with a proper setting this guitar can sound thunderous!

This is my main guitar for lives and studio! Simply the Best guitar for low tunings for that fairly low price range!
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