Harley Benton CST-24T P90 Ocean Flame


Electric Guitar

  • Deluxe Series
  • Body: Mahogany
  • Top: Flamed maple
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Neck attachment: Set-in
  • Fretboard: Pau Ferro
  • Fretboard inlays: Dots
  • Neck profile: C
  • Radius: 350 mm
  • 24 Frets
  • Scale: 635 mm
  • Nut width: 42 mm
  • Pickups: 2 Roswell P90 Soapbar single coils
  • Controls: Volume & Tone
  • 3-Way switch
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Nut: Graphite
  • Tremolo: Wilkinson WVPC
  • Machine heads: DLX diecast
  • Colour: Ocean Flame High-gloss
Body Mahogany
Top Maple
Neck Mahogany
Fretboard Pau Ferro
Frets 24
Scale 635 mm
Pickups P90, P90
Tremolo Wilkinson
incl. Bag No
incl. Case No
In catalogo dal Maggio 2018
Numero di articolo 427779
Unitá incluse 1 Pezzo
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€ 259
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65 recensioni del cliente

Fab Hankster 26.02.2020
E' la prima Harley Benton che ho deciso di prendere (seguita poi da una acustica ed una seconda elettrica, nei mesi a seguire), quasi per fare una prova dopo che ne sentivo parlare bene un po ovunque.

Non nascondo che inizialmente le aspettative erano non dico basse, ma giuste per il valore economico dello strumento stesso. Che dire...continuo a rimanerci di M... ogni girno che la prendo in mano per suonare. E giuro che nonostante io possieda delle chitarre ben più costose e di case blasonate questa è diventata una delle mie preferite praticamente da subito.

Setup pressoché perfetto appena spacchettata, aspetto eccezionale, nessun difetto di alcun tipo. I pickup sono okay, magari qualcuno vorrà cambiarli, io li lascerò così perché dopo tutto non mi dispiacciono affatto.

Non aggiungo altro perché potete leggere le altre recensioni o i vari video su YT. Ma sì è vero, è una chitarra fenomenale. Per quello che si paga non troverete mai nulla di meglio (ma nemmeno sulla fascia di prezzo media direi...).

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Really good for the money
Buyer101 16.01.2022
Bear in mind, I'm a hobby guitarist, I play at home, don't gig. Don't have pro amps or pro ears. I own about 5 other HB guitars varying in price.

These are my observations, your guitar may differ in quality and appearance to mine, I'm reviewing what I received, doing my best to be objective.

Colour:- slightly darker than website photos, although it really depends on the lighting. The maple veneer is pretty well matched on both sides of the front. Not 100% but not glaringly different on either side.
I checked up and down the fretboard, binding, neck and body and could find little to no blemishes. The guitar I received would require a magnifying glass and a very critical eye to find visual fault.

Nut is well cut and seated.

Frets were pretty much polished, little to no scratchiness. They can be felt ever so slightly as you move up and down the neck, but not much.

Pickups sound good to my amateur ears. Fatter and warmer at the neck, more single-coil in character with more treble at the bridge. Plenty variation with the tone knob and amp settings. I play mostly blues and very lightly distorted rock. I haven't pushed this into metal territory so can't comment there.

I don't use the tremolo, so I can't comment on that. I imagine, based on the multiple youtube video reviews I watched, that it will affect tuning stability. It came flush to the body and probably needs the screws at the rear to be loosened.

Tuners are reasonably smooth and precise, no stiffness, no jumpiness, and they were aligned nicely on the headstock. I might change them eventually, but no rush.

The example I received spent about 5 days in Thomann QC before despatch. So, the neck is pretty much flat, the action was nice and low, intonation was pretty much spot on.

I've only received 1-2 transit-damaged Thomann deliveries, they've taken the guitar protection up a notch with this batch. The entire inner of the smaller guitar box was covered with styrofoam sheeting, bottom, top, sides. I have never seen so much padding for a guitar, thus the guitar had no dings or knocks at all.

Closing thoughts:-
First, the guitar I received was made in Indonesia, youtubers have commented on variation in country of manufacture. I can't comment on which factories or where produce the best examples, but this one is very well made.

These guitars (CST models) now come with Blacksmith stainless steel frets. This was a big selling point for me. The English version of the website just says 24 frets, but the German and French version said 24 black smith stainless steel, so I checked with Thomann and they confirmed it, and unless my eyes are playing tricks, they are stainless steel. I'm pretty sure it covers all the models, the solid body with and without tremolo and the hollow body, but check the German language version of the site and ask Thomann to be sure.

Overall this guitar is excellent, for the money and beyond. Just be aware that you can get one which is not as good, or has minor flaws, there is always variation (in my buying experience). But if you're hovering I would say a highly recommended guitar.
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PRS Style + P90's = Win - Win!
KJ Dietz 20.03.2020
For a while, I have wished for a PRS guitar with P90's, and out of no where, this HB appeared. I had never heard of HB guitars until I had listed a bass guitar for sale online, and the guy that showed up interested in my short scale bass, just happened to bring his long scale Harley Benton bass, just to show it to me. I was really impressed by the quality and price he said he paid, unbelivable! So I soon went to the Thomann web site to browse over the HB guitars and found this one. I ordered it right away and within 10 days received it in the U.S. The box had some damage, and as I was opening it, even the inner box had some damage. I thought for sure the tip of the head-stock would be damaged. To my surprise, it was fine. Upon my first inspection, I was very impressed. beautiful fret job, almost perfect finish, the tuners worked perfect, no problems. I did have to lower the action, and when I got in to the guitar, a few of the frets needed a small amount of leveling. When doing so, I decided to polish the frets, oil the fingerboard, and set the intonation, while perfecting the action. So I'm a 40 plus year guitar player who learned early on how to work on my own guitars. Been doing this for a long time! I have never bought any guitar at any price that has not needed some setup, adjustment, and tweeking. The same for this one. The guitar is SO well worth the money, but like any guitar at any price, expect some possible adjustments and light luthier work. The P90's sound great! I have an Epi E339 with P90's and they are also very good. The Epi is slightly warmer but has a noticeable amount of single coil hum to them. The HB has 95% less hum than the Epi.
Barely barely noticable. Clean, clear, and warm clean tones, great spectrum of tonality for different styles. As expected, great for blues, rock, jazz. I don't play metal, so I can't comment on metal tones. The neck is amazing and comfortable. I have smaller than average hands, (not tiny) and I can play this HB like it's custom made for me. I really like the PRS scale lenght of 25" (U.S.) and the strings are in such good shape, I did not have to change them out right away. I've never used 9's on my electrics, but I like them on this guitar. Will use 9's when I do change them out.
All in all, I would definitly recomend this guitar! And I love the Ocean Flame color. The flame maple is very nice, and the color is deep rich blue just like in the photo's. Good job HB and Thomann. I have already ordered another HB, the HB TE-90FLT SB Deluxe Series. Should be arriving any day now.
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An excellent all rounder
Davie8 18.01.2022
I have always bought and played traditional style guitars, however, due to the P 90 pickups, which I have been wanting to try, I decided to buy this guitar.
Firstly, the buying experience itself was excellent, along with fast delivery. The instrument is a looker, and I also love the shape. The sound is so good, has a great biting tone once you set your amp and volume & tone controls. It’s unlike other instruments I own, in both looks and tone, therefore, it’s a perfect purchase. This is my current go to guitar as it is so versatile. It also stays in tune very well. The only thing I have changed are the control knobs, as this is a modern shape, so I’ve swapped out the ‘tele style’ knobs for some spare modern style ones that I had.
I actually cannot fault anything, from quality, price, playability. This is a bargain for the price, I’m really pleased with it, very impressed!
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