Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s GT


Chitarra elettrica

  • Corpo: mogano
  • Top: acero
  • Manico: mogano
  • Tastiera: palissandro (Dalbergia latifolia)
  • Inlays trapezoidali
  • Profilo del manico Vintage '50s
  • Binding del corpo color crema
  • Binding della tastiera color crema
  • Lunghezza della scala: 628 mm
  • Larghezza del capotasto: 43 mm
  • Capotasto GraphTech
  • 22 tasti Medium trattati a freddo
  • Pickup: Humbucker Burstbucker #2 (ponte) e Humbucker Burstbucker #1 (manico)
  • 2 controlli di volume e 2 controlli di tono
  • Cablata a mano con condensatori Orange Drop
  • Ponte Tune-O-Matic in alluminio
  • Stop Bar in alluminio
  • Colore: Gold Top
  • Custodia rigida inclusa
  • Made in USA
In catalogo dal Maggio 2019
Numero di articolo 462504
Unità incluse 1 Pezzo
Colour Gold
Body Mahogany
Top Maple
Neck Mahogany
Fretboard Rosewood
Frets 22
Scale 628 mm
Pickups HH
Tremolo None
Incl. Case Yes
Incl. Gigbag No
€ 2.699
Spedizione gratuita, incl. IVA
Disponibile fra circa una settimana
Disponibile fra circa una settimana

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27 Recensioni

Gibson Goldtop ...La Perfezione!
Sal Mind 07.04.2022
Chitarra assolutamente perfetta, in ogni suo dettaglio. Elevata qualità in termini di materiali e costruzione, di assoluta bellezza.

Il goldtop molto bello e la tastiera in palissandro perfettamente rifinita con tasti perfetti. Il manico è rounded, abbastanza corposo, ma molto comodo.

Il suono molto equilibrato, potente, vintage..con un sustain infinito.

Congratulations a casa Gibson per la qualità proposta in questa bellissima chitarra, un must per gli appassionati...

Bellissima anche la custodia, in pelle.. resistente e di ottima qualità..

Complimenti anche a tutto lo staff di Thomann per la professionalità e la cortese disponibilità..
Spedizione perfetta..thanks!!
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A Dream Guitar!!!
Kotsmix 10.06.2019
I received this guitar from Thomann on 30/5/2019. On 2/6/2019 my band had a gig and I decided to use that guitar as my main instrument although I had never played in a gig with a Gibson Les Paul before (Always been a Strat guy). The result was that every member of the band was blown from the sound produced from that guitar. Now to details. The look of the guitar is astonishing!!!The build is excellent!!! No flaws for the specific guitar except the dry fretboard. Some lemon oil and was ready to go. The sound for what I play (Blues-Classic Rock) is amazing!!! The sustain is almost endless and the neck to my left hand felt very comfortable from the beginning. The volume and tone controls are very responsive to dialing. And once you get used to how they work, you can have a variety of plenty good usable tones. This is a heavy guitar (4,2 Kg). Although it has the exact weight as my Fender (The Strat 1980), it feels heavier. A good strap can take care of that. About playability. For me personally it felt like the guitar was just responding to my playing without any struggle at all. It plays much more easier than my Strat (Which I also love!!). Within a few words, this guitar for me is a killer!!!! Finally. Thank you Gibson for this piece of art!!! Thank you Thomann for responding to all my questions and quick delivery!!!
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Gibson LP Standard ? Shame
Ydnas 09.03.2022
I've been playing for over 20 years. The Gibson standard has somehow always been the holy grail, but that must have been in the good old days. The guitar that arrived at my address after 7 weeks of waiting did not meet my expectations in terms of build quality. The saddle on the brand new guitar was cut off and the upper part of the second saddle was glued to it.
Some parts of the guitar have not been cleaned as they are covered with a plastic cover so why bother Gibson ?. The suitcase in which the guitar arrived was made sloppy with visible remnants of glue both on the edges and inside.
Fortunately, the sound of the guitar is as expected. All in all. If you think you really need to have a Gibson standard then buy it somewhere where you can check it out before you spend so much money. Thomann delivered the guitar on time and their professionalism is probably the only thing that keeps Gibson alive.
Want a good guitar for that money? Don't buy a new Gibson.
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Classically awesome!
GerrySm 20.04.2020
After many years I bought the guitar of my childhood dreams and memories. While I may have more expensive or cheaper guitars over the years, this will forever be "THE" guitar for me. I use this for at home practice and self indulgence, so won't be taking it on the road.

Sound: amazing clarity and tone across both pickups and across clean and dirtier tones. It's super dynamic, no matter what you want to play.

Playability: It's heavy, but that means you don't need to be super delicate in your playing. the fingerboard feels amazing, and the neck shape really suits me and my style (blues/rock)

Quality: the finish across the body and fretboard is stunning.

Packaging: the guitar comes with a lovely brown hard case and all the details of final inspection.

Quality: I docked one star under quality. The nut was poorly manufactured. While it didn't seem to have an impact to intonation or action, for this price I expect a top-quality finish in this area and as a result I've had to swap out the guitar. But the key is that I loved the guitar so much, I had to have it at 100%!

A wonderful guitar that is sure to not let you down
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