Fluid Audio FX50


Active 2-Way Studio Monitor

  • Coaxial design
  • Speaker components: 5" Woofer, 1" Tweeter
  • 90 W Class-D power amp (50 W woofer, 40 W tweeter )
  • Frequency response: 49 - 22,000 Hz (+/- 3)
  • Bass reflex port on the front panel
  • Adaptable EQ (adapts to the installation location)
  • Low frequency cut-off (Flat, 60 Hz, 80 Hz, 100 Hz)
  • Volume control with increment markings
  • Auto standby function
  • Inputs: XLR, RCA
  • Power supply: 100 - 240 V
  • Dimensions: 234 x 176 x 230 mm
  • Weight: 3.8 kg
  • Quantity per pack: 1 Monitor
Speaker size 1x 5", 1x 1"
Amplifier power per unit (RMS) 90 W
Magnetic Shielding No
Analogue XLR Input Yes
Analogue Input (Jack) Yes
Analogue Input (Mini Jack) No
Analogue Input (RCA) No
Digital input No
Manual frequency correction Yes
In catalogo dal Giugno 2020
Numero di articolo 495212
Unitá incluse 1 Pezzo
Frequency range min. 49 Hz
Frequency range max. 22000 Hz
Dimensions 234 x 176 x 230 mm
Weight 3,8 kg
Speaker Hous8ing - Woofer System Bassreflex
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€ 158
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Wonderful budget monitor speakers
Entropy 03.11.2021
I've been mixing music on these monitors for over a year now. I find them to very revealing and flat with excellent stereo separation. My experience is they need to be mounted in the sweet spot listening zone which is a simple task guided by the helpful front LED's. There is some noticeable hiss when active. However, this in no way interferes with the quality of the audio output. Loudness and bass response is superb for such a small footprint. Mids and highs are neutral, revealing and not fatiguing. The excellent auto standby feature works as it should when no audio signal is detected. The rear dip switches helpfully allow you to fine tune output frequencies to your acoustic space and choice of XLR, Jack and phono connectivity is is well implemented and appreciated. I can't possibly see how you'd find better quality monitors at this price. You can of course spend a lot more on small mid range monitors from bigger companies. But why bother? These FX50's are serious professional monitor speakers, look stylish and sound professional too
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I expected a lot for the price given their design, and they still overdelivered.
Tim2787 14.05.2021
To preface, these were bought to replace cheap but similarly-sized speakers as surrounds in my 4.1 setup. The setup is used for music, movies, and games.

The speakers came double-boxed and lightly but well packaged with dense, closed-cell foam.

The fit and finish is very good at any price, especially at just €159 each. There are no seams in the laminate which has a consistent matte finish and avoids the usual finger-print-magnet-ness that many cheaper monitors suffer with.

They feature dip-switch room/EQ controls, lessening accidental changes when moving. The volume potentiometer has firm steps, which at 12 o-clock didn't measurably vary, making level-matching is a breeze.

Now, onto the sound. To start, the amplifiers have very little hiss or noise, and I'm yet to push them enough to hear any noticeable distortion. The speakers, being coaxial and quite deep, means they have a very small frontal profile and easily fit almost anywhere, while still commanding a surprisingly deep and controlled low-end which caught me off-guard. It won't punch you in the chest like a sub or larger woofer would, but it is definitely there.

The highs/mids aren't anything groundbreaking, but are excellent nonetheless. While the mid-bass seems to be where most of their impact comes from, their sound is overall very well balanced.

The coaxial nature also lends itself to extremely good imaging, as with most coaxial speakers. They seem to have quite a wide sweet-spot, also, which is excellent if using for, say, a home-theatre or in any scenario where multiple seating positions are often occupied.

These speakers deal with boundary gain and room related muddiness better than most monitors I've heard . This can likely be attributed to their front-facing port and the much more rigid-feeling cabinet construction than most at this price-point. They still noticeably benefit from being given space, but you will not lose half of the sound by throwing them in a corner if that's your only option.

I’ve had JBL LSR-305s as my main monitors, and exchanged them for Adam A7Xs. The FX50s sit closer to the Adam’s in my experience, despite being far closer to the 305s in price. While they do not compete with the A7Xs' clarity or overall sound, they are 'smoother', giving a more relaxed sound without lacking agility or sounding 'slow'. Also, they're less than a third of the price!
They are slightly more expensive than the LSR-305s but I would say worth every penny if you’re looking for a still very affordable set of monitors.

Overall, I'm incredibly impressed at what was initially a throwaway purchase to get a little more from my surrounds. They are priced well, built well, and perform well. These would do well in any setup.
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Kleine Studiomonitore für den schmalen Geldbeutel
FeXxX 14.10.2020
Ich benutze die Fluids als kleine Abhöre in einem normalen "Wohnzimmer". Der Abstand zur Wand (mit Absorbern) ist relativ gering. Zum Ohr ca. 70cm was laut Manual auch machbar ist.

Meine Hauptabhöre sind die Focal CMS 65. Da ich aber nicht so oft mische und lieber genieße, verwende ich diese relativ großen Speaker (Für den Schreibtisch zu groß) nun als "Hifi" Entertainment.
Die Fluids kommen NICHT an den warmen, vollen und klaren Klang der Focals ran. Aber sie sind für das Geld wahnsinnig gut.
- Das Stereobild ist auf Grund des Coaxial-Speakers enorm. Man befindet sich quasi im Stück und die Ortung ist absolut genau.
- Die Basswiedergabe ist voll und hat Punch. Wunderbar für die Größe.
- Man muss die Speaker wirklich auf Höhe der Ohren platzieren. Da erst dann der Vorteil der Coaxial Speaker wirklich zum tragen kommt.

- Viele Einstellungsmöglichkeiten - gut verpackt - solides Produkt

Negativ (ist subjektiv):
- Kein PowerButton vorne (Das finde ich persönlich besser)
- das hochfrequente DSP Grundrauschen ist bei 70cm Entfernung meiner Meinung nach wahrnehmbar. Es ist lauter als bei meinen Focals und geht in die Richtung JBL LSR 305.

Den Rest müsst ihr für euch selbst entscheiden. Als Werkzeug und zum Musikhören sind die Fluids auf jeden Fall sehr brauchbar. Einspielen aber nicht vergessen ;)

5 Sterne, weil sie für das Geld wirklich sehr gut sind. Sie gefallen mir besser als die JBL LSR 305 und Yamahas HS5. Die Tannoy Gold hatte ich auch noch da, aber die waren dann vom Style nicht meins und das Auge hört ja mit - oder so :)
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ClémentJ 02.01.2021
Je cherchais des moniteurs compacts pour une chambre traitée acoustiquement.
Les Présonus, Mackie, Behringer... ne me convenaient pas à cause de leur qualité acoustique ou des problèmes de buzz/hum...
Les gammes supérieures ne proposent que des tailles imposantes et c'était hors de question pour moi.

Avec ces Fluid Audio FX50, j'ai été réellement bluffé.
Elles sont très compactes, coaxiales, 5", woofer vers l'avant, réglables dans tous les sens, chaque enceinte à son ampli/entrée : "comme les grandes".
Aucun bruit d'aucune sorte, après une période de rodage je les trouve extraordinaires pour un usage courant.

Elles ne sont pas trop directives, l'amplitude de l'image sonore est grande et "ouverte" et pour ne rien gâcher, je les trouve moins "fatigantes" que mes Samson R6A qui sont déjà assez douces aux oreilles.
S'adaptent parfaitement avec des stands K&M 26772 et un M-AUDIO AIR

Si vous hésitez avec le Présonus E4/5 and co, à mon sens, il n'y a pas photo, vous vous retrouvez avec du coaxial, avec ses avantages et surtout ici sa compacité.
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