Digitech CabDryVR

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar

  • Dual Cabinet Simulator
  • Studio quality speaker impulse responses
  • Various connection possibilities
  • 2 Separate cabinet sections
  • 7 Guitars and 7 bass cabinet emulations
  • True Bypass
  • Controller for level and size (per cabinet section)
  • 7-Way Cabinet Type knob for selecting between Cabinet Impulse Responses (per cabinet section)
  • Toggle switch for switching between Guitar / Bass mode
  • Bypass foot switch
  • 2 x 6.3 mm mono jack inputs / outputs
  • Status LED
  • Metal casing
  • Power supply via 9 V DC power supply (2.1 mm x 5.5 mm hollow plug, polarity: (-) inside, not included)
  • Current consumption: 75 mA
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 112 x 67 x 51 mm
  • Weight: 450 g

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Esempi audio

  • Blues Cab 1
  • Blues Cab 2
  • Blues Cab 7
  • Fingeredfunk Bass Cab 1
  • Fingeredfunk Bass Cab 2
  • Fingeredfunk Bass Cab 3
  • Fingeredfunk Bass Cab 7
  • Rock Bass Cab 4
  • Rock Bass Cab 5
  • Rock Bass Cab 6
  • Stoner Cab 3
  • Stoner Cab 4
  • Stoner Cab 5
  • Stoner Cab 6
  • Mostra altre

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Not bad but I have seen better

Mr Transistor, 24.05.2017
The Digitech CabDryVR is cab emulator that covers a series of cabinets on two separate channels.

It probably appeals to musicians that would like to connect their pedalboard directly to a PA system without carrying a heavy guitar or bass amplifier with them.

The CabDryVR can also be used for direct recording of a guitar or a bass. However, considering the overabundance of plug-ins available on the market, it is likely that the average musician would prefer a more flexible, software solution, to an external hardware unit.

The CabDryVR is based on IR (impulse response) technology. Essentially, the response of a cabinet is captured with a microphone, test signals and some software analysis. Subsequently, the results are loaded on the pedal and various IRs are selected by the user. This allows the final user to recall the characteristics of a specific cab previous analysed.

Apart from the controls one expects from a unit like this, the CabDryVR has a "Size" knob for each channel. From what I can hear, it looks like this control moves the high frequency cut of the cabinet that has been selected. It is a very useful control that has probably being superimposed to the cabinet IR to tune it according to the user preferences. It could been seen, to some extent, as cut-only treble control.

Unfortunately, I found the CabDryVR not very convincing. Not bad but not that good either. It is difficult to say if its shortcoming are due to the quality of the IR used, the limits of the IR processing or some other hardware limitation.

Although the Neunabler Iconoclast or the AMT Pangaea CP-100 fall short on a few fronts, the CabDryVR is not convincing on the most important elements: tone. It is not a bad pedal but compared the competition, I prefer other pedals.

*** Pros
- Simple and effective user interface.
- Solid construction
- Stereo with "dry" out on channel 2
- Guitar and bass cab models

*** Cons
- Unbalanced outputs
- Unconvincing models. Flat sounding with some of them having a strong mid peak.

Mr Transistor
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Another top notch pedal from Digitech

Pete-plays-guitar, 10.07.2017
Lately I have become a big fan of Digitech pedals. I bought this for one specific purpose, to be totally lazy and plug the guitar into the mixing desk (via a bog standard DI box) and play, without the hassle of miking up a cab (yes, very lazy). For this purpose I could not be any happier. With the multi-selector knob combined with the size knob, you cover about any 'shaping' of the cab sound you will ever need.

For gigging it is a 'no brainer', run one of the cab outputs to the PA (via a DI box) and the 'thru' output to your amp and no messing with miking up. Having spent many years lugging an amp around, actually just using this and hearing the guitar through the fold-back speakers is enough.

Yes, all people seem to discuss lately is Impulse Responses, yet only a few years ago no-body had even heard of them. In a real world gig situation I have found that if I use a decent overdrive pedal (OCD in my case) and then a compressor pedal to simulate a bit of valve 'sag' then out through this cab simulator and into the PA then NOBODY will notice either that you are not playing through a guitar amp..... they really won't.

You should not compare with with a modelling amp or software product. You are not going to store any setting, your are not going to recall previous tones, you just turn the knobs......old school. This is a simple 'keep in the bag' pedal that does what it is supposed to do and lets you focus on what is important ... i.e. the playing. It is also nice that bass players are also catered for with a complete set of bass cabs available.

It comes with the Digitech 'rubber face', which I use on all my Digitech pedals to stop the knobs inadvertently being turned ad it stays on even bouncing around a gig bag (really was a superb idea of Digitech).

As all Digitech pedal they are built like a tank with silent switching.

If you are a techo nerd (there seem to be many out there art the moment) obsessed with spending all of your time downloading and sharing the latest IRs then this is not for you. If you want to simply enjoy playing at home or at a gig with minimal 'baggage' to lug around and getting what is a really good decent sound for the price, then just buy one. After a few gigs I guarantee, you will go lazy like me and most of the time the amps will stay at home.

Highly recommenced
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